Pit Thread

Original Poster rants, generalizes and criticizes. Insults and unlikely claims are made.

2nd Poster replies to OP’s comments positively, and roots him on.

3rd Poster informs everybody that he has just splorted liquid onto his monitor.

4th Poster agrees with the OP, and then points out all the reasons the OP is wrong.

OP agrees with 4th, and then points out why he’s right.

5th Poster protests OP’s generalization, professes himself to be a part of the insulted group, and holds himself up as a good example.

OP backpedals.

6th Poster sheds light on the claims made, and points out why they’re false.

OP backpedals again, saying he was misunderstood. OP warps claims until they’re right again.

7th Poster tells a tale of problems he had with the same thing, which is actually not the same thing at all.

8th Poster accuses OP of being a troll.

2nd Poster agrees with 8th.

OP defends himself.

2nd Poster agrees with OP.

8th Poster shows quotes from other threads where OP has shown troll-like behavior.

2nd Poster agrees with 8th.

OP points out why 8th is an asshole.

8th Poster flames OP.

OP flames 8th.

9th Poster replies to tell everyone that the thread is childish, and not worth replying to.

OP flames 9th.

9th Poster flames OP, and then tells him once again that he’s not worth replying to.

OP flames everyone, and says that he won’t be posting anymore.

Moderator closes thread.

So I haven’t missed much by not visiting?

Newbie tries to post refutation of 8th poster’s statement of OP’s trollness. Fucks it up.

Gets flamed by all posters.

Dies of embarassment.

dpr- Actually, you’ve been missing a lot. Some of it is really funny.

I hereby nominate FreakFreely as the next Talk Soup host!

Gee… thanks… I think…

The Pit is not for everyone. And when viewing the threads you can pretty much determine if it’s worth participating in. Most of the time it’s just rants about another poster, the other poster comes in and they sling mud at each other a little, with other posters (most who do not understand the Pit at all but think they do) posting in the midst. If you want a truly fine example of a true Pit poster, read any threads by Diane, Byz, Satan, etc.

What, I’m not on that list? Yeesh, picky picky picky.