Pitting Brett Favre

Nice throw asshole.

Nice OP asshole. :rolleyes:

Did you see the throw?

Somehow I knew with a name like ‘brett’ that he must be a baseball player.

Yes, that’s exactly right.


Buh-bye Brett.

Hope you enjoy watching the Eagles and Panthers next week,

And I want to add the defense for that 4th and 26.

Didn’t you know that what he’s gonna do after he retires? Become the star closer for the Brewers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, a person involved in a game which might involve things being thrown, then.

I suppose in the interest of fighting ignorance I should mention that Brett is, in actuality, an American Football player. A quarterback, to be precise.

It was still somewhat funny to see how sure you were, though, Lobsang.

Hee hee.

Also Coach Sherman for not going for it on 4th and 1. If they’d made it then, it would have sealed the game too.

Failures on 3 levels: Coaching, defense, and offense.

Oh, well. That’s what it took to lose the game. Still, it was a damn close run thing.

Qadgop the Packerfan.

Huh, I thought they were supposed to win the game cuz it’s destiny, or his dad his guiding his arm, or the angels were playing on the field with them or some shit like that.

I’m as surprised as anybody that it actually came down to who played a better football game.

ye gods that was a horrible throw.

And the Packers really screwed things up when they failed to get any points on a golden scoring opportunity – when the Iggles stopped them on the goal line four downs in a row.

As an Eagles fan, I would like to sincerely thank Favre for that blindly-thrown, piece-of-shit pass that not even destiny could guide into the hands of a Packer. Good show!

Man, I’ve been waiting for years to see the Eagles go this far in the playoffs. Sure, they’ll blow it against the Panthers, so let me savor the win now.

In other words: Hey Green Bay–neener neener nee-ner.

Just think how disappointed Brett’s dad must be right now…heh heh heh.

Oh, a team of density. Whoops! Sorry, Lord.

I’m so glad I don’t have to listen to that “team of destiny” bullshit anymore.

As an Eagles fan, I would like to thank Mike Sherman for not giving the ball to Ahman Green (25 rushes, 156 yards) or Najeh Davenport (9 rushes, 42 yards) on 4th and 1. Maybe you and Mike Martz can get together for a round of golf and compare notes in the offseason!

Heh, when they lost my husband looked at me and said “I guess his daddy doesn’t love him anymore.”

Sigh! Another football dork. Just enjoy the game without bitching about something you could never do!!