Pitting car-park morons

Why can’t fucking inconsiderate fuckwits watch where the fuck they’re opening their fucking car doors?

Oh, and while we’re about it, here’s a fucking memorandum for the head of whichever two-bit fucking private fucking parking company South West Trains have contracted their cunting car park out to this week: parking spaces need to be more than six fucking feet wide. Especially when you have the temerity to put the fucking prices up every couple of months. I am now paying 60 pence per foot of totally inadequate fucking space, so I have to squeeze my way into a space that would barely accommodate a go-kart, and leave myself the choice of being unable to get out of the fucking car, or park so close to the adjacent car that he won’t be able to get in, and will probably dent/scratch my paintwork trying.

That is all.

hey Marvin, old buddy old pal!

What’r you doin’ in a car park?

Colophon, I share your anger. Some people are so totally unconscious when they park but their lack of thought hurts US not them! There needs to be a way to turn that around. If I built a parking garage I would have individual bays with concrete walls between each space. If you want to park carelessly, go ahead, it’ll be YOUR car doors you damage – not those of the guy in the next space.