Pitting Cartooniverse

Cartooniverse is a racist fuck.

In the Will Smith Oscar thread he said this,

There are some truths at play here.
Pointing them out would get me permanently banned.

I would encourage one and all to Google who the Producer of this broadcast was. It was this person’s first time producing the show. Read up on him. And by all means, find a photograph. Then draw your own conclusions which I am in no way prompting or encouraging or stating here.

Notice that he’s aware that if he directly says what he means he will get banned. He knows it’s wrong by the standards of the community. He made his thoughts pretty clear. Gussying it up doesn’t make it acceptable.

and in the ATMB thread that followed, he had these bon mots, among others.

I think that the Producer was looking out for his own and did not demand immediately that Security within the building escort the assaulter from the premises. Plain and simple. Completely understandable.

Why yes, Cartooniverse, you are completely understandable. But hey, you’re not racist because you have friends who are black, wait, no, I mean your children are Asian. :roll_eyes:

He’s a flapping skin suit masquerading as a human. He brings us all down to his level merely by being here.

This is a shame. I actually asked my daughter to reach out to him (assuming) a year or two ago as she is interested in breaking into the entertainment industry either as a photographer or camera operator (for films, TV, etc). Fortunately, Sophia takes parental advice as well as any strongly independent 20yo, so I don’t think the attempt was made.

Ugh. Just a damn shame.

I haven’t reviewed CTV’s body of work, but his performance in the two threads listed were . . . well, way beyond the pale. And it’s bad enough to have racist/bigoted moments (because I have them, where I say something based on growing up in early 80s assumptions and then realize what I just said) - you should just apologize.

If you instead state that you’re not directly saying your bigoted assumptions because you (gasp) KNOW they’re wrong and offensive, and just hint with a giant sized ‘wink wink nudge nudge’ - you’re being a deliberate asshole, and in agreement with the ATMB thread, I feel you should be censured for breaking the fundamental rule of not being a jerk.

But regarding the section I quoted, I find it very common for individuals who don’t consider themselves racist, because they ‘know’ people in a different out-group, but feel their stance vs. a different out-group is fine, because it’s based on scientific/factual/personal examples about how that group DOES live up to some stereotype in their head.

It’s still bigotry.

Cartooniverse -take a step back. Really. Stop defending yourself, or being proud of being so damn edgy with your perceived intellectual superiority, and actually look at what you’ve said and insinuated. There are plenty of posters that value you, and hope you can be better than this. Or heck, if you’re sure this is the hill you want to die on, so you can look down on a specific group, go for it. You’ll just jump over the line you’re teetering over right now between jerk into full blown bigot and/or troll.


He has a long history of absolutely insane takes on things. The guy is batshit.

Cartooniverse is what you get when a pilonidal cyst learns to type. So yeah, fuck off, ya racist pile of shit and take your Asian kids with you, or better yet just go away and leave them with their mom. Poor fuckers, having to grow up watching and hearing you vent shitgas out your blowhole must really suck for them. Might want to pile up a bunch of money to handle their therapy bills later on.

The idiocy of the idea that “I can’t be racist because I have half-Asian kids” is clear to anyone with half a brain, but for women of Asian heritage as well as people like me who have spent a lot of time in Asia, it’s especially laughable.

There is a special sort of racist guy who has “a thing” for Asian women because these men stereotype Asian women as more submissive and more attentive to their husbands than Western women are (these same men stereotype Western women as ball breakers). Even if you haven’t seen this sort of thing yourself, if you are friends with any women of Asian heritage, chances are they can enlighten you on how they have had to deal with it, and just how offensive it is.

Sometimes these asshole racist guys find an Asian woman to marry and procreate with. I do not for a microsecond intend to imply that all relationships between White men and Asian women are based on a racist dynamic; the vast majority of WM-AW couples that I’ve met are free of it. But it definitely exists and I’ve seen some gruesome examples of it up close and personal - enough times that “oh, Mr. White Guy can’t possibly be racist because his wife is Asian” is not a thought I’d ever have.

There’s also the issue that some (many?) racists believe Asians to be white (or at least white-like). Oh, yeah, and the other issue is–and I’m not saying Cartooniverse has said, implied, or believes this–is the “but my wife/husband/friend/whatever is one of the ‘good’ ones” attitude to excuse their being (and I despise this stupid term the bigots use) “race-traitors”.

By the way, I’m white and my wife is Korean–not Korean-American, she’s Korean–we met in church in Korea. Neither of us has any respect for the racist nonsense of that stupid argument Cartooniverse put forth.

Hell, even being half-Asian doesn’t insulate you from being a racist, just look at Max_S.

Anyone can be racist, including people who are members of the group they have racist attitudes toward.

Many years ago I worked for a Black psychiatrist whose mission in life was to get people to understand that racism is so insidious and omnipresent that it is extremely possible, and perhaps even common, for prejudice to be internalized by the very people racism is directed against. For example, a successful Black CEO might (probably subconsciously, or maybe even consciously) discriminate against Black job applicants because they secretly feel that Black people really ARE inferior on some level.

It was a hard lesson for me to learn, as an idealistic young White woman ready to naively sing Kum By Ya with all the multi-hued people of the world, and it didn’t help that the psychiatrist was his own worst enemy in a lot of ways (he did not communicate well - long and different story). But, over time I came to see he was absolutely correct, though I had to be hit over the head a few times with stories of the extent to which Black Americans themselves made extremely fine color distinctions and there was an implicit sense that you “married up” if you married another Black person who was lighter skinned.

ETA: Appropriately enough, I am just home from seeing a wonderful production of Avenue Q, including this song.

So a guy was hitting on me in a bar a couple of weeks ago (I wasn’t interested, I have my own thing going on), and at some point he brings up that he’s happy with his sister because she submits to her husband. It was a needle scratch moment, because the conversation had been sane until then. I, of course, don’t love this line of thinking, and then he goes fully into what a sexist asshole he is, and I’m about done with the conversation. As he’s leaving, he loudly declares that he needs to leave America.

Okay, buddy, good luck with your slave.

He used to like to post about how he wasn’t racist, and he’d bring up the adopted Asian kids, and some half black distant cousins (no joke). I also clearly remember the thread he started about his wife raising their kids to be racist against black people. It’s really something that after all that, he’s still using these same kids as a shield from accusations of racism. Did they even overcome their own racism? The wife didn’t seem to have any trouble raising non-white kids while being racist.

I think we also need him to leave America.

The amusing part of idiots spewing that is they don’t seem to realize that for them to leave the country permanently, some other country must be willing to have them. And a lot of those idiots are far from qualified for that.

“America agrees with you!”

Does the rest of the world get a vote?

Not really, that’s only if they want to go to another country. You can leave the US without going to another country.

There are plenty of patches of ocean that no one has a claim on.

Last year, I was frequenting an forum for expats in Ecuador. A guy joined to get information about moving there from the US because he was sick of the draconian COVID and gun control laws.

The members’ patient explanations became not-so-patient pretty quickly.

In the 35 years I’ve lived in Asia, I haven’t actually met many of these types in the wild, so I asked my younger colleague. He’s 30 and reads 4-chan just to see what crazy people think.

Apparently, among the really young crowd, this is really a big thing these days with a hierarchy of races, by desirability. Asian women are supposed to be the top with white women on the bottom as they have been hopelessly corrupted by Western society.

For what it’s worth, it something my Asian friends have bitched about for years.