Pitting Gossip Media

Who the hell cares what people are wearing? Really. Just saw an article where Jennifer Lawrence helps a minor who had been drinking. You read what happens and you get,

What the hell does that have to do with her assisting a minor who collapsed from drinking?

Just about every day you see some sort of internet, so and so wearing horrible outfit.

How is this shit news?

Got caught reading US Weekly? Your man card is revoked.

I dont usually check who writes the stuff. Since it seemed like a medical aid (Im a former medic), I clicked. Although the pic of Jennifer kneeling was nice…

Still, it seemed more of an opportunity to talk about what she was wearing.

I think the comment on her clothes was to show how very normal and casual she was.

gasp Stars, just like US.


Jennifer Lawrence wears pants? I wear pants! Twinsies!


Guess which “Dingbat” Doper was caught reading US Weekly!
Plus: *check out our photo spread of Best & Worst Straight Dope Beach Bodies! (You won’t *believe *who’s wearing a Speedo!)

Ha! You know how — er, I mean, I have heard how gossip magazines always put the age of the celebrity in the story? I can only assume a Doper gossip magazine would go out of its way to work in the inflated IQs of its subjects.

“Guess who made an appearance in Cafe Society? Why, it’s Ravenman, IQ of 232, who was wearing orange Crocs and a WoW limited edition t-shirt while he made a snarky comment on the third season of ‘Arrested Development.’”

It’s because she’s a woman and women are objects, so we’ve got to know what was covering that sweet ass of hers.

Seriously though, they rarely go into the detail about clothes (or hair or whatever happens to be completely irrelevant to the situation) for male celebrities as they do female.

Actually, that “girl” was me. I had collapsed on the lawn because I saw someone out in *public *wearing a black tank top, sweatpants and flip-flops.

Well, the booze probably had something to do with it, too.

You’d need a drink, too, if you saw someone wearing a black tank top, sweatpants and flip-flops.

I figured it was only a matter of time before we annexed the Snarkpit.

Bricker? (Wearing the banana hammock)

Yes. Yes they are.

What’s wrong with that? I’m wearing one right now. It makes me feel manly and sexy.