Pitting Jim_B

Saying you are gay (and we only have his word for it) does not give you carte blanche to say any bigoted thing you want to about gay people. He is not being arbitrarily singled out, he is bearing the burden of his own posting behavior. That’s called equality of treatment. I imagine (not intending to speak for moderators) that the topic ban is broadly drawn to avoid ambiguity with someone who displays limited ability to police his own posting behavior.

Bullshit. You want to be able to write whatever you want without consequences.

That would be the opposite of freedom. That would be the government forcing privately owned entities to provide space for all the creepy crawlies like you to come out of the woodwork and spew their gunk in everyone’s face.

His posting behaviour is a sulphurous fart in Yellowstone and matters not a whit except to the offenderati whose knees are primed to hit their chin. I don’t think it justifies any sanction greater than scorn and ridicule. But apparently that ain’t enough now.

No different than the Evil Captor ruling on his sexual posts. I mean, let’s be real here, Jim isn’t posting “Ask The Gay Guy” informative threads, or anything like that. Just prurient, regressive bullshit.

Asking dumb questions results (or can result) in informative or at least entertaining answers. IME a substantial part of the value of this place is not the questions but the responses; because they are informative or pointed or funny.

Well, if it comes to weighing entertaining you vs offending some already-marginalized gender group, I know which way I’d want the scales to tip.

And if scorn and ridicule actually worked, you’d have more of a point. But it doesn’t.

It never was good enough. Bigotry is wrong and causes harm, even when fueled by stupidity. You can’t fix that by pointing and laughing at it. We pointed and laughed at Trump the whole time, but it didn’t stop him.

The old adage of “just let them say what they want—they’re too stupid to be believed” has been shown time and time again not to work. Not even if you point out their stupidity, as they can come up with more stupidity faster than we can debunk it. And people are more likely to read the original and not get to the response.

To me, it feels like you’re still living in the pre-Trump world, or at least hoping things will go back to there. (Not the Trump really started it, but it was around when Trump came to power that public opinion seemed to realize how the alt right was exploiting our desire to not shut people up.)

If you haven’t watched it yet, I invite you to check out the series “The Alt Right Playbook.” I know it’s a lot of videos, but the guy is doing scholarly work, but releasing it in a form people will listen to now.

(And, no, I’m not saying Jim is part of the alt-right. But the same principles are valid.)

I’ve long wondered if this person is really as uninformed and clueless as he seems, but this post clinches it for me. He knows exactly what he is doing and his “muddled grandpa” bit is just an act.

I haven’t put anyone on ignore, but this poster is clearly not the “confused, somewhat dim, but well-meaning” character he is pretending to be, and I will remember that anytime I see him post henceforth.

Don’t forget playing the victim.

I agree he broke character. But, in doing so, he actually showed the flaw in the simple “freedom of speech” argument he gave. You do in fact need to look out for bad actors.

And, @Jim_B: if the Dope would have put up with that woo bullshit back in the past, deliberately phrased to try and provoke the very reaction it did, then we were failing at our mission. Trolling by pretending to be ignorant is bullshit.

This is not the first Pit thread about this useless moron. I wrote one myself a few years ago.

I don’t understand the jokes he posts.

A lot of people think the First Amendment does, or should protect moronically offensive speech that results in criticism and/or sanctions by non-governmental entities. Another current example.

Much angst could be prevented by the realization that it is not absolutely necessary to say or post the first thing that pops into your head, without reflecting as to whether it’s a good idea.

Jim_B seems to average a dumb thread a day and a trollish thread twice a month.

I love his, “some might not remember …” then he mentions some obscure thing he wrote over a decade ago.

So 254 months times 2 trollish threads per month comes out to… lick pencil… carry the 1… why the fuck is ole Jimbo still here?

Eh, it’s just the usual ‘snarkers’ and sycophants doing what they do.

Oh boy, when the Pink Pimple is taking up your cause, you’re certainly on the side of the angels.

Damn good question, but I think maybe he has gotten worse in recent years. I don’t remember him making so many dumb and/or trollish threads in the more distance past.

I did mention he seemed to have nearly perfected being a low level troll. Nothing too egregious. Just a lot of small things that only add up when you go digging or have to deal with him a lot. As a mod, he keeps pinging my troll radar. I’m guessing as a poster I just glanced past his threads.

Oh, I get it. It’s just that the de facto definition of a troll is whoever the mods declare to be a troll, so there should be some mod fiat that can solve these sorts of problems once they start causing real-world harm to other members of the community.

How do you know that he’s gay?