Fuck you, pkbites

Your comments in this thread speak for themselves. No commentary is neede to prove that you are an ignorant, bigoted asshole.

I could quote your statements stating that gays are “perverts”, and the Jews, well “people are scared to death to attack Jews”, but it would only distract from the hate inherent in your entire series of screeds.

I especially liked the way s/he was congratulated for his courage in that thread.
I would like to congratulate you to pk. For you unswerving bigotry in the face of reason; for the steadfast hatred that you spew without fear; for showing us all your unabashed homophobia and anti-semitism-- I’d like to thank you.

Thanks for showing us all how ugly it really is. And congratulations on being an unashamed jackass.

I checked my troll radar and decided Pk was an actual poster. High post count. I’d seen Pk post in threads on numerous topics.
Pk views homosexuality as Just Plain Wrong. A view s/he had to know was unpopular here. However, s/he felt need to speak out. This wasn’t Wildest Bill or some driveby troll stopping by to spew venom. This was an established poster saying “This is wrong! Why can’t other people see that?”.

             I complimented Pk for that reason and for one other-as an attempt to prevent him from being harrased off the board.

I disagree with PK’s views on homosexuality. But, I want to ensure that s/he has the right to say them. I fear the SDMB could become a place where any one expressing an anti-gay or othe unpopular opinion will be chased out with cries of"You bigot! Can’t you learn tolerance? What’s so hard about letting other people lead their own lives?".

Looks like things are getting pretty personal here, pkbites. And there are homosexuals here. I take it you’ll be fucking off then?

I never find it neccessary to compliment people for bigoted views. I am of the opinion that pk should feel free to spout his bigotry. I am also of the opinion that complimenting him for spouting such garbage is just fine too.

However, I am of the opinion that both spouting garbage and complimenting someone for spouting garbage is contemptible. Now, you can come back and tell me that my opinion of your opinion is wrong. And then I’ll tell you that your opinion of my opinion of your opinion on pk’s opinion is stupid and. . … Or we can agree to disagree.

By the way, bigotry is bigotry no matter what the post count of the bigot is.

I actually though this was going to be about this thread. I thought he was trolling then too but the high post count made me decide otherwise. I guess he is just a doper with idea’s that don’t quite synch up with the majority.

Personally, I think it is important that people like pkbites be able to express their views here, no matter how bigoted they are. I want to know how people like him are able to justify their beliefs within. That’s a good step toward fighting ignorance, IMHO. Perhaps someone will say something to him that causes him to re-examine his views, or perhaps not, but if that was to happen, maybe we would reduce the chance of him pumping out a bunch of little bigots that our kids have to deal with.

I’m a firm believer that hate is not something we are born with, it is taught to us by our upbringing. If that chain can be broken at some point, it is a good thing.

Well…the problem there is, such justifications pretty much end up “I think it’s disgusting!”

And that’s it. In its sad totality, that’s it. There’s some jawing about religious reasons, but cut through those and you get right back to “I’m justified because I feel it’s icky.”

I dunno how knowing that is a step towards fighting that ignorance. I’m pessimistic that it can, at least not in this particular life. I’d like not to be, but.

Actually, I’m much, much more comfortable about someone who dosen’t associate with (whatever group) because “they think it’s gross” than any other reason. At least it dosen’t make any claims of moral superiority: “God hates them, so I do, too” sort of thing, or claim that it is “unnatural.” As stated, PKbites’s position is rather like someone who refuses to assocoate with an aunt because she has a really, really annoying voice that grates on his nerves. It’s a stupid, small-minded reason to cut somoene out of your life, and the act of a stupid, small-minded person, but it isn’t the same as claiming that someone else is actually evil, sinful, unnatural, or damned because of some harmless trait. In a way, it’s a majr step on the road to acknowledging that the problem is not with the other person, but with your own weakness, and I think that is a major step in being able to correct things.

While PKbite’s comments were definitly bigoted, it’s a sort of bigotry that I find I can let lie: as long as he isn’t discriminating in areas where it is illegal (i.e., hiring decisions), I figure he only hurting himself, and he has the right to do that. On the other hand, everyone else has the right to point out that he is being stupid and small minded, and I am glad we have Dopers ready to do that.

Yeah. It takes a lot of guts to be an asshole. Next total fuckjob I meet, I’ll be sure to compliment 'em on their outstanding courage.

And not calling him on it is rolling over to the bigots…

Well, first off, now everyone here knows that he is a bigot. I don’t know if he has expressed similar sentiments in his past 1000+ posts but know he has and know we know.

When I came here, I had some major issues with religious people, not just religion. My views were pretty bigoted. It was because of other dopers calling me on those beliefs, from every conceivable angle, that I started questioning how right I really was. I have a completely different view now and try my hardest to respect the views that I used to find distasteful (icky). I’m not saying that this is likely to happen in this case, but ya never know.

Manda JO and musicguy, just how the hell am I supposed to stay grumblingly curmudgeonly with people making good points at me? Very well, you shall have your victory now, but mark my words, I shall grumble again!

Is any of this supposed to hurt my feelings?
Hit me with your best shot!
Let me help you:

I also believe that children should be seen and not heard.
I support a parents right to spank, but NOT a womans right to choose, because wives should be barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen. People on welfare should be jailed. All gun control should be repealed , illegal immigrants executed, um, let’s see, what else…oh, don’t even get me started on what to do to homeless people.

Have I missed anyones favorite issue? Have I failed to piss anyone off?
It never was my intent to piss anyone off over in GD. I was only being honest about my stance on homosexualality. But it seems nobody here can stand honesty if it means learning that someone doesn’t think like you. oh well. Tsk tsk, boo hoo.
Continue with the flaming. I find it entertaining!

Hehehe, you said “flaming.”


What? I’m only being honest here! Why do people flame me all the time? Geeze, you people must be really narrow-minded.

PS. This is not intended as a logical argument, merely as a throway bad joke. I realise the difference between thinking that people are gross and that people deserve to die.

Seriously though, how far can you go before “honesty” turns to, well, being a moron? IMO, pkbites crossed that line lightyears ago. DS.

And now people are honsetly telling you that your stance on homosexuality making you a flaming cockwad.


Ohhhhhhhhhh. Is that all you got?:rolleyes:

Hey. I’m just being honest with you. But I guess you can’t stand honesty, and seem to take it as some form of personal attack…

:rolleyes: to you too

I just find it poetically ironic that the tolerant can’t tolerate the intolerant.