Fuck you, pkbites

Wrong. I’m just laughing at your stupid insults. They’re hillarious!
When are you going to start cutting on my mother? I know some real good insults you could use there. Then you could insult the rest of my family. C’mon, let’s here them.

But please, let’s be a little more creative than “cockwad”.:smiley:

I meant let’s HEAR them.

Oh, but when you insult the rest of my family, you’ll probably want to keep my Uncle out of it. He’s gay. Wouldn’t want you to violate your own rule.:stuck_out_tongue:

Tolerance is bullshit. Acceptance is where it’s at, and I have no reason to accept bullshit.

Furthermore, it’s perfectly possible to call an asshole an asshole without granting any validity to somebody’s cry of “Censorship!” Even assholes get to speak their minds here, as long as they’re not jerks about it. pkbites was not being a jerk, even if his sentiment means he’s an asshole.

You’re missing the point. I don’t give a flying fuck about insulting you; you’re not worth the effort of insulting (or, upon preview, insluting either). I’m just honestly pointing out that you’re opinion makes you a jackass. You seem to be real big on honesty, as long as it comes in the form of your opinion. When it comes in the form of a response to your opinion, you’re “pissing people off”, or that they “can’t stand honesty”.

[sub]Hell, most’ve the people I know worth talking to use “cockwad” affectionately…[/sub]

pkbites, whence does your belief system regarding homosexuals stem?

Oh, and this: “Have I missed anyones favorite issue? Have I failed to piss anyone off?” looks dangerously like trolling to me. I might quit it if I were you.

Does all of this mean that anyone who considered homosexuality wrong is automatically an asshole? Would that include the Pope, most ministers in most churches, God, Jesus, and a large percentage of the human population?
Wow!:eek: Are there a bunch of assholes in the world!

We had this “Day of Silence” thing at school on thursday (Catholic school by the way) and those of us who didn’t sign up for it were treated like shit by everyone else, including some of the staff.
“Accept this point of view or you’re a fucking asshole”. Screw that!
Don’t tell me what to think!

As the originator of this thread, let me clarify.

pkbites stance on homsexuality is NOT the issue (as vile and intolerant as it is). Rather, it was the whole tone and timbre of his posts.

Example 1. “Being a different color than I is not an actvity one can refrain from. Being a pervert is.” (Note that "pervert = gay).

Example 2. “I know of people who won’t eat certain foods because they believe their God forbids it, and some of them try not to associate with those who aren’t their own kind. Are you going to scoff at them and call them ignorant? Because I’d love to hear you attack Jews. C’mon! I dare ya!”

Example 3. “yet many Jews hold the same morals but are never attacked for their beliefs.”

Example 4. “What if this school was a Jewish school that wouldn’t allow a homosexual date? We probably wouldn’t have even heard the story.”


By itself, each example, doesn’t mean too much. But taken together, as a whole, they paint a picture of hate and bigotry. I was especially struck at his skill at bringing “the Jews” into a thread that, until that point, had been a debate on gay rights.

Either PK is a Nazi, or we’ve all missed his point. I think he was trying to display how it seems to be open season on Christians and their beliefs, but not on others who believe the same thing. (Isn’t that exactly what he said?:confused: )

Anywho, I don’t think maybe he’s telling us to attack Jews, I think maybe he’s asking why Christians are the only ones being singled out for believing these things. My guess is maybe becasue jews aren’t on television everyday preaching their belief and trying to convert us. But doesn’t that make them the exclusive type he said they were?

True, but at what point does it become innappropriate? Granted, PK isn’t exactly helping his case with his nonchalant behavior in this thread, but just because someone’s opinion goes contrary to what most people believe is “right” doesn’t mean that person deserves to be called an asshole in the first place (I’m speaking on a broader scale, here).

I still can’t figure out why you even posted to that thread.

I haven’t noticed on the boards that your religion compels you to witness.

Your first post injected sex into the discussion. Why?

Your second post wrongly assumed that Canadian laws concerning Catholic schools might be the same as those concerning American Catholic schools.

Your third post introduced (gratuitously, IMHO) the word pervert, a term usually used by posters who are jerks. I don’t think you are a jerk. Why did you use it? You then continued, trashing some Liberals as being two-faced about minorities. I’m sure some are. But I doubt that most are. You seem to have a problem with LIberals vs. Conservatives also.

Your fourth post brought Jews(un-necessarily) into the discussion. You got corrected by Fenris on that subject. YOu then tried to backpeddle about Jews, and Minty nailed you. You incorrectly, IMHO, tried to plead that Christians get reamed here, but Jews don’t. Sounds like you have issues here that need some work.

You then continued in a Oh, Geez, they always pick on the Christians, but let the XXXX slide.

Again, I’m surprised you even posted to the thread in the first place.

This reminds me of Mort Sahl’s sign-off line when he was doing standup in the sixties. “Are there any groups I have not offended?” he woud say, with a smile you could “hear” even on the recordings. The difference between Mort Sahl and pkbites (aside from the fact that Sahl is a Jew) is that Mort Sahl made his points with humor and real wit, and very likely offended few people beyond the bigoted types like our esteemed Doper colleague.

That said, I wouldn’t run pkbites out for trolling even if I could. His/her (would you clear this up for us, bites?) opinions certainly do tend to keep the ball rolling, whatever you think of them.

“Hello, I must be going.” – Groucho Marx (another Jew…suck it up, bites)

I wasn’t aware that Jesus made any statements about homosexuality. Nor that God had said that homosexuality was wrong. I do recall that there’s a verse or two in the Old Testament directing the Israelites not to engage in certain acts, but that does not equate to that act being wrong, just that it’s forbidden for the Israelites to engage in said acts.

pk can spout any amount of vile he feels like. I am a firm believer of free speech. But does that mean I, who think people with the same belief as pk are assholes, should just shut up?

I don’t think calling homosexuals “perverts” is brave. I don’t think playing Christians off against Jews shows any guts. I think pk’s is wrong. I think he’s an ass. I don’t care how long he (or she) has been a member. What does his registration date have to do with the crap he’s spewing?

pk can speak for himself. He already has in this thread. His posts here only confirm that he is an asshole. Please explain to me why pk’s statements should pass without comment. Why, just because pk’s opinions are not popular, he should be commended for stating them?

pkbites said: “I also believe that children should be seen and not heard.
I support a parents right to spank, but NOT a womans right to choose, because wives should be barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen. People on welfare should be jailed. All gun control should be repealed , illegal immigrants executed, um, let’s see, what else…oh, don’t even get me started on what to do to homeless people.”

Wow. Have you actually said this stuff to women, folks on welfare, immigrants, and homeless folks IRL? If so, what was their reaction? Have you found a woman who wants to just be a barefoot, pregnant, in the kitchen wife? Or are you a barefoot, pregnant, in the kitchen wife?

Btw, you haven’t offended me. Granted I haven’t read much of what you’ve posted, but what little I have seen from you just makes me think that you’re pathetic. [shrug] I just feel sorry for you and for any of your family, friends, or folks who have close contact with you. I honestly believe that bigots are bigots because they find it’s easier to spout off hate and self-esteem issues they have with themselves onto other folks. I also believe that folks who spew bigoted hate had best watch out. The karma police are watching, taking notes, and informing a higher power to turn you into the exact things you hate in your next life. I hope that you can get some counseling or something, pkbites.

Yeah, but I’m speaking on a specific scale here. Specifically, labeling homosexuals as perverts and “choos[ing] not to have anything to do with them,” and = asshole.

The same principle of free speech that allows pkbites to express that sentiment about homosexuals allows me to express my firmly-held conviction that he’s a complete prick.

Besides, a ten spot says he watches girl-on-girl porn.

Redact “, and” from second sentence. Forget you ever read “, and” . . .

Er, Celestina? I believe that’s what’s known as “sarcasm”, dear. :wink:

PK, you’re still my favorite Cheesehead. :smiley:

And everybody knows that it’s physically impossible for Cheeseheads to be Trolls, as the Cheesehead braincase is the wrong shape to fit the pointy Troll brain…

Eh, your only mistake was in opening your big mouth on the subject of “homosexshuls”, dear. Shoulda known from experience, this here is a strongly “pro-gay” MB. How long you been here, anyway? Shoot, longer than I have. And you ain’t figured that out yet? Shoooot…

typical Cheesehead mistake…


As upsetting and crappy as pkbites’ opinions are, he’s entitled to have them. We are not the “thought police” here (not that I am accusing anyone of this) and pk can think whatever the hell he wants. He can also express these thoughts now and then too. As long as he’s willing to take the heat of everyone else’s opinions about his opinions!

I don’t get too upset by people’s opinions and thoughts, as long as they don’t manifest themselves into action. PK can think whatever he wants. He can also choose not to associate with whoever he finds offensive. As long as he doesn’t go actively treating people like crap (but instead just leaves them alone) that’s his business.

Letting him know that you don’t like his opinions is perfectly appropriate. Acting as if he’s DONE something dreadful (when we have no evidence that he has) is not appropriate. Personal thoughts and opinions are something that each and every person is entitled to have.

Is it possible to look more like trolling than pkbites appearance in this thread? I suppose he could say “Im a troll and I am just making up these opinions to offend you, but then he wouldn’t get a very big response.”

Stating unpopular opinions and trolling are two different things. His remarks in this thread sounds to me like the sarcastic remarks of a person who is proud that he’s an asshole.