Pitting my best friend for not listening to me

Last night the phone rings around midnight. Since I’m a night owl, it didn’t wake me up, but I was surprised to hear my best friend on the line. He told me how he got in a yelling argument with his roomate, and that she took off right before several police arrived responding to a domestic dispute. My friend told the truth, saying he had an argument with his roomate, and that he wasn’t planning on spending the night in the apartment. The cops left, and he called me asking if he could crash for the night (which was totally fine).

The thing I’m pissed about is the fact that my friend let it get to this point. Its not the first time I’ve been pissed off about his roomates being total mooches, but this really seems like the last straw. His roomates bait him into arguments, then play the victim later on, making him look like the jerk. Whats worse, because of all the racket they made, my friend is worried he may get evicted from his apartment because of all the complaints the neighbors were calling in.

I’m mad because I’m his best friend, and yet all the important, common-sense stuff I say never seems to be heard. Now its getting to the point where he’s in such a great financial strain, he may have to move back with his parents, and all of it could have been prevented if he just kicked his roomates out.

One thing I learned from years of watching friends make stupid ass mistakes is that you never give advice actually expecting it to be heeded. Even if it’s solicited. Seriously. When giving advice, act as if you’re speaking to a brick wall. Don’t expect it to have any sort of effect, because 9 times out of 10, you’d be more effective if you actually were speaking to a brick wall.

People do what the want to do. All the good advice in the world will not deter someone from walking down a path they’re determined to walk down.

Trust me, I’ve been the one solicited for advice and the one soliciting. You can’t really blame the person for it until you’ve been in their position.

And try to refrain from having a “I told you so” attitude with your friend. It’ll only serve to alienate him. Being right isn’t much fun when you’ve got no one to share it with.