Pitting the parents of Jonathan Krohn.

Here, here, and here a youth dies on camera as a pundit is born.

I grew up listening to Rush Limbaugh (beginning at age 12) and wish now that I had just watched cartoons instead. Krohn’s parents should end this.

I grew up watching cartoons. I don’t think I missed out in the least. I want to see what happens years from now, if and when this kid has more experience with life, and see that not everything is a simple yes/no, black/white, and all those annoying gray areas start popping up. He may move to the right in one thing, and to the left on another.

Conservatives don’t have all the answers. Liberals don’t have all the answers, Anyone who claims they have a pat solution to everything is either a fool, a liar, or both. I will forgive this kid, because he is a kid.

He did have one good point though - the conservative or liberal “view” does not have to necessarily be the property of one party or the other. There’s a lot of “gray stuff” there too.

Conservative isn’t bad. Liberal isn’t bad. Extreme is bad.

So the kid’s got a hobby. Is it really any worse than rooting for Local State University Team or playing Grand Theft Auto?

As a recovering Libertarian, I agree with “extreme is bad”… which (extreme) is how I view a young teen trying to restore America to its conservative roots.

It isn’t what I prefer to see a kid doing: that’s the best defense I have.

Is being a conservative about being an unmitigated douchebag? And is it wrong that I know he’s a kid and I still can’t stop myself wanting to smack him?

Yes. And because politics brings out these kinds of responses, it ends up being unfair to one side of the spectrum when there’s a kid involved.

No, being a pundit is about being an unmitigated douchebag.

I think he needs a few more talking points.

I want to smack the audience, actually. They didn’t applaud or cheer when he made a point; they applauded and cheered when he used buzzwords - personal responsibility, protecting liberty, and so on. That might have something to do with the fact that he wasn’t actually making any points. Based on his Wikipedia page it sounds like he was just summarizing his book.

He’s not a particularly good speaker, anyway; he sounds like a 13-year-old with a 16-year-old’s vocabulary. Big whoop.

Sorry, can’t. His hand is too small.

Everyone loves a good freakshow.

Has anyone ever seen Curtis LeMay and Jonathan Krohn together at the same time? Just asking.

It was only a matter of time before some child realized that being a Republican pundit really is that easy.

Edited to add: to those who think he’s going to get a more nuanced perception as he ages, your naïvite is adorable. The narrowmindedness of conservative pundits resembles the lifetime of giant tortoises in captivity.

“Is Rush Limbaugh Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?”

I wonder if Curtis LeMay is Jonathan Krohn.

[sub]I’m kidding. I think.[/sub]

He sounds like the US version of Tory Boy.

Note: Tory Boy is a creation of comedian Harry Enfield, who was in turn mocking William Hague who addressed the Conservative Party conference in 1977 at age 16. Ironically, Hague has turned out to be an extremely intelligent and astute politician who is well-suited to his shadow foreign policy role. Somehow I doubt Krohn will turn out the same way.

More Tory Boy.

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I hate mimes. Worse than pundits, they are.