Pitting UltraVires

You may be correct. That might be his exact position. Which means he’s also too stupid to realize there is a wide gap between rejecting “the notion that kindness is a virtue” and concluding “[t]here is absolutely no reason to consider, let alone practice, empathy…” here or anywhere else.

There are great many things that are not virtuous that one might nevertheless do at of pure self-interest.

But it’s not just that he is unkind to people on the boards. I don’t consider myself kind either. It’s that he’s also just not very bright and has gotten bogged down in some pretty abhorrent positions. The “banality of evil” applies to the non-famous as well as to the infamous. More so, perhaps.

This gives me a bittersweet smile, remembering Opal’s admonition that a list can’t have fewer than three items.

Certainly ONE item is out of the question.

Miss you, Opal.

So if I’ve got two people blocked, I should block Opal because she’d want me to. Sounds logical!

Now, what can I do to honor TubaDiva as well? And Jonathan… damn, the list gets too long. I think a wee dram of Ol’ Finnerty’s Single Malt, at noon on a Sunday, should cover 'em all.

That shouldn’t be necessary. You can always just have an Ignore roster with no names on it at all, just awaiting the need for entries.

UV is getting downright biblical (old testament, even):

She’ll either get a witness and be believed, or she must be making it up!

Ah, yes. The fake apology. You might not appreciate the pit, but the pit appreciates you. You are a major source of content. All the same, if losing you means losing this pit thread, I think we’ll get by well enough. It’s a sacrifice I think we’d all be willing to make.

Would that your flounce had not flopped.

Meh. He’ll go away soon. Once people realize its a waste of time trying to get him to actually debate and realize his schtick of pretending to be a martyred conservative pilloried by “woke” liberals is just another tired lie he tells himself, he’ll stop getting the attention he so desperately craves and he’ll throw a fit and disappear.

Is that what happened to Octopus?

Are you sure? My experience is that no matter how transparently a poster is spouting ignorant comments, there are a LOT of people here who just can’t help engaging them, over and over…

Why do you think those middle school bullies stay? Our chains are easy to jerk… by jerks.

Sometimes UV has good contributions, especially in constitutional matters.

Lately it feels like picking bits of edible corn out of a pile of shit.

Bits of edible corn in shit aren’t really corn. The hulls aren’t very digestible, but when they fill up with shit in your colon, they regain their unchewed corn kernel appearance.

What, did you think people routinely swallow corn kernels whole? Nope.

The worst part of trolls is their hijacking of threads, which the moderators then close. And thus they redirect away and otherwise prevent certain topics from being discussed. That is, every closed thread is a troll win. And the rest of us are poorer for it.

Yeah, I can agree with this. “Do not feed the troll” simply never happens. Really effective trolls are little self-taught psychological warriors. They have a working understanding of how to draw people in, hijack threads, and upset members of their community without getting banned. And they don’t need a ton of interaction to get fed. You only need a quick back-and-forth with one person to overwhelm the rest of a thread.

Many threads are just derailed by 2 stubborn thick-headed people that aren’t trolls.

Also many threads are derailed by posters with no self-control that can’t help make inappropriate (usually political) jabs in threads where they don’t belong and then the trollish posters seize that to derail the thread. By the time the mods show up, the thread is mostly dead. Often not worth the effort to rescue, and so end up closed.

Most of the time if reported early, derailments can be stopped or even prevented. I’ve been seeing more flags for threads with things like …

“Even though I agree with the poster, this post is off-topic and likely to derail the thread.”

Those are really helpful in my opinion.

Still, maybe there’s some entertainment value to be found in his posts.

I’ll take “Things I didn’t know and actually did not want to know for $100, Alex”

< raises hand >

Unless it’s in the Pit where his posts can get the attention they deserve, I’d prefer he not post.

This is good to know.

Oh, I don’t disagree.

I don’t know UV . . . I mean how’s the response you got to ‘If it ain’t bleeding it ain’t rape!’ working?