Pixar's Brave...What are your first impressions?

The more trailers I see for this movie the more I’m not thinking it actually looks that good.

The accents (while I am sure will be all kinds of accurate) seem overly annoying and take away from the story which seems kinda overused. It’s the first movie of theirs that actually doesn’t seem all that…original.

I personally think it’s one of the few movies that actually looks good enough to me to get me into the theater. I saw the first trailer when we went to see The Muppets and just saw the longer one today when we saw The Avengers.

It looks an awful lot like How To Train Your Dragon, Scottish accents and all: it may be brilliant, and Pixar usually have dud trailers for good movies, but right now I’m not seeing anything that makes me say O gotta see that. I think that the rest of the pack have caught up with them at last.

Have you seen Cars 2? I’m a huge Pixar fan, and I couldn’t even finish it. I do hope they’ll be back this summer.

Most of the trailers seem to centre around the family life, but I think the majority of the story will actually be about Merida and the bear. I expect it to have a few left field ideas like UP did.

She’s Scottish! And has hair like my daughter (although Katie is a light brown and not red)! I may be there opening weekend.

I’m definitely looking forward to this, more so than any of the other Pixar movies since The Incredibles.

Notably, it’s the first Pixar film with a female lead. I know that’s going to draw at least a few people in that otherwise wouldn’t have gone.

It looks like your run of the mill awesome Pixar movie to me. (I haven’t seen Cars or Cars 2) I’m looking forward to it as I have yet to be disappointed by one of their movies.

It hasn’t caught me yet. The trailers so far don’t show me enough to make me want to watch it. I will likely rent it, if I see it at all.

Read an interesting article a while back about how accurate their depictions of archery were, and another one commenting on the accents and clothing choices and how they’re based on linguistics research and illuminated manuscripts respectively, and those are piquing my curiosity.

I *already *wanted to see it since I saw the first trailer a long while ago, because it reminds me a little of The Secret of Kells, which I quite enjoyed, and also it’s the first Pixar to have a female lead, and since Disney has declared itself somewhat anti-female-movies recently, I feel like I have to go fly the girl flag for Pixar.

(I like explosions, don’t get me wrong, I even went to see (and liked) John Carter, but damn, Disney - princess movies and girls and women are a practically guaranteed pairing, and not a bad market segment - whyfor do you shun us?)

Cars 2 was a sequel yes, but I thought the story was at least cool and interesting. So far this movie just seems like another “I want to choose my own life!” kind of story.

I also am very very sure and certain it is well researched and accurate as all get out, I meant to put that in my OP

Unimpressed by Brave so far. Seems pretty bland and done.

Tim Burton and Disney’s Frankenweenie remake on the other hand looks enticing. Of course that could be my love of Burton mixed with my love of b&w movies. So glad it’s gonna be feature length and animated. It looks delightful.

Between Shrek and How to Train Your Dragon, I’m getting really tired of a Scots accent used for comic effect. Yes, this character can speak English properly, just like my mother and my granddad did - so why is that supposed to be funny?

In that tradition this seems more appealing than most have. (Interestingly enough I thought the trailer for Cars 2 was pretty good and we all know how good of a predictor that was.)

I’m not seeing the accent as comic effect but as a bit of a geek nod to accuracy. Pixar is also debuting a new “immersive sound experience” in “select theaters” with this one.

I’m very much looking forward to it.

I’m pretty excited for it. It’ll probably be the first Pixar movie I see in the theatre.

I’ve not seen anything in any of the trailers I’ve seen that indicates the accent is meant to be comedic.

The little I’ve seen about it serves only to remind me why I’m generally not a Pixar fan. Too little plot, too much focus on just making it look pretty instead.

They’re wearing kilts in an era of swords and bows. So it’s wrong right off the bat. :slight_smile:

(I realize viewers wouldn’t accept Scots in pants, but there it is.)

My second impression is why would any fictional character make a deal with a witch and say anything close to “what’s the worst that could happen?”

Up and Wall•E gave Pixar experience in human characters, and it looks like they’re running with it. I have thew highest expectations, as usual.

It’s an odd coincidence to have another female lead who’s a crack archer, after Hunger Games.