PJ's cameos in the LOTR trilogy [spoiler boxes]

In Fellowship…:

He’s chomping on a carrot in the rain in the streets of Bree as the hobbits make their way to the Prancing Pony.

In The Two Towers:

He’s in armor, throwing a big rock down on on the uru-kai from above the gate at Helm’s Deep.

In Return…:

He’s barking orders on the deck of one of the black ships, wearing what looks to be quite the fashion statement of an outfit.

Heck, there may even be more, but I haven’t noticed any, and I’ve been lookin’…

I haven’t seen every last moment of “behind the scenes” footage on the DVD’s or other media, but darn close to it. Yet I have not heard the cameos mentioned, which (aside from my usual geeky curiosity) makes me wonder how many other folks have noticed them, and when they became aware of them.

For me, it was not untill I was watching my freshly purchased Two Towers dvd. Within a few days I saw Fellowship playing on cable and the lightbulb of realization over my head lit completely, though there had always (since my first giddy viewing) been something about the Fellowship scene that nagged at me. I just didn’t put my finger on it for a while.

When I saw Return… in the theater I had my eyes peeled for him, and pointed and squeeled at him to my friends, who couldn’t have cared less.

Jackson himself calls attention to them in the audio commentaries to the first two extended-edition DVDs.

He said the carrot in Fellowship was supposed to have been a pipe, but they couldn’t keep it lit in the simulated rain.

And he joked with the other writers, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens, that it was his character who turned the tide against the orcs at Helm’s Deep in Two Towers.

I don’t think he did any other cameos. From what I’ve learned about how busy he was during that time, I’m surprised he even took the time to do those three.

Hell…the mouse-over-thread-preview from the Cafe Society list decodes the first spoiler. Sorry :frowning:

Note to self: Must ramble more before using spoiler boxes…

Thanks Fiver. I’m admittedly not a big audio commentary fan, but when it comes to this trilogy, I just can’t ever seem get enough of it, so I will have to give them a whirl.

Honeydewgrrl, did you know that PJ’s kids have cameos in all three movies as well? They’re fairly easy to spot in TTT and ROTK after you’ve seen them in FOTR.

I’ve noticed a very cute and curly-haired brunette girl with big blue eyes playing a hobbit child at Bilbo’s birthday , a scared Rohanian child in the caves below Helms Deep, and then again as a Gondorian child on the streets of Minas Tirith. Would that be one of them?

Yep, and her brother is beside her in those same scenes.