PKBites - a civil discussion?

In this thread , a flame war erupted due to some comments made by Mr. Bites. This is an attempt to discuss some of his views in a non-insulting manner. There is plenty of room in the other thread for that. So, if your objective is to come here and say “PK, you are fucking asshole scumbag”, the other thread might be more appropriate.

I would like to start with this statement

Now PK, my understanding is that you consider yourself to be a Christian. Could you kindly explain:

How you justify killing illegal aliens with your religious beliefs?

How you justify shunning another member of your family because he is gay?

How you justify throwing someone in jail for the crime of being poor?

Now granted, if you don’t show up here, this thread is dead in the water but I would hope that you do. I’ve read many of your past posts and while I don’t agree with your views, you always seemed civil and reasonably well-spoken. I’m not asking you to agree with everyone here or apologize or anything like that. I am asking you to clarify your beliefs.

This thread is not an attempt to change PKbites. It is, I guess, an attempt to debate the issues raised by his posts in a civil manner, so that we may have a clearer picture of his beliefs and can perhaps have a more intelligent debate than “Go fuck yourself”, which I’m not saying wasn’t an appropriate response from the dopers. I think the other thread was well-deserved. Problem is, it just doesn’t get us anywhere.

umm, I don’t think he was serious about shooting immigrants and jailing the poor. I could be wrong, but I think that part was facetious.

yes, I believe that he was being facetious in that post (hence the ‘did I forget anyone’s pet issue’ comment)

however, not everyone was lambasting him in that thread. Some were attempting to divine his rationale. I asked, more than once what exactly did he find repugnant about homosexuality, since he spoke of penises being in mouths and anuses as if that were the ‘icky’ part. It interested me since there’s a significant number of heterosexuals who seem to enjoy those acts, and I wondered why the sexual appratus of one partner made the act itself ‘ickier’.

I also wondered how it was that the thoughts of some one elses bedroom activities interferred w/him - were these other people graphically telling him about their activities? was he watching? or was he simply looking at them and imagining what they did to whomever.

See, the whole ‘everybody’s got a right to like who they want, dislike who they want’ gig is fine, but the whole “I don’t like what they do in a bedroom together” gig has be baffled.

but hell, he chose to ignore my question more than once in that thread, so I doubt he’ll be around here, either.


Hmm, Is there a breeze in here or was I royally whooshed by that statement? Ya see, it’s hard to tell because he does talk about his right to whack his kids in another thread, for example. I’m not sure that it was ALL kidding.

But we could stick to the gay thing if that is better. Why would you shun anyone who is gay? Sure, maybe you don’t want to have sex with them. I can respect that. But when you judge someone, solely on their preference, isn’t even that a bit un-christian? If one of this guys kids turns out to be gay, is he going to shun them, hit them, or both?

I guess I’m just trying to figure out what makes him tick.