Place your Electoral vote results bets here!

So we’ve had our chances to predict the timing of McCain conceding (or to express our fear that he will win) and our chance to predict the possible turnout. Anyone care to predict the final EV tally?

Sure, feel free to use one of 538’s most likely numbers (311, 338, 378, 353, or 291), or come up with your own!

I’m feeling very optimistic myself and I’m predicting an Obama blow-out. The bulk of the GOP is not excited and the Dem GOTV is revved. I’m betting not only on Obama winning most all the states that he’s ahead in and all those that he is just a few percentage points shy in (short of Arizona) but that one Nebraska district around Omaha and the surprise upset of Texas - so 431.

(I’ll settle for anything 269 or higher!)
C’mon lay your imaginary money down.