Play by Post on other web sites

Planning to run a play-by-post campaign on another site, I wanted to make sure I could advertise here.
I believe it is ok to do this based on posting of fantasy sports on another site, and announcements of video games also on other sites. But before I post in the Game Room, I wanted to make sure.

You should message one of the Game Room moderators, @Chronos, @raventhief, or @Rickjay to ask for permission.

I believe we have a forum specifically for advertisements, though.

Isn’t the rule that you have to be a member to post in #marketplace? Though you can’t buy memberships right now.


You can’t advertise commercial things here, outside of the Marketplace. And you can’t start board wars. But inviting folks over to another message board for a friendly game is OK: It’s common for folks to advertise for Mafia games on the Giraffe board, for instance.

Thanks, I thought that was the case, but since I see other boards mentioned and warned about on the other sections, I wanted to be 100% before preceding.
Which I will be doing shortly, thanks

I think this is very similar to the fantasy football discussions that we have in the Game Room and we’ve had them for years. That obviously advertises for people to join a game on another site and it hasn’t been a problem.

Also see this recent thread asking for another player for a TTRPG being done through Roll20:

So my point is that we have precedent for that sort of thing being fine in that forum. :+1:

Glad to hear it was ok but, thinking on this, I should have popped someone a message to be sure.

However, believe me…BELIEVE ME Roll20 forums are NO THREAT to or any other message board. They are…not good.