Play Misty for Bastard!

I made the fatal mistake.

Coming home from an afternoon constitutional I met a neighbor, I’ll call her Paula, in the parking lot of the apartment cul-de-sac we both live in. We had only seen each other passing in our cars. I commented on her car and a conversation ensued. She was petite, blonde, and cute, with a bubbly personality. She gave me her number and we said good evening.

We spent some time together, had dinner, went to a movie, she introduced me to her friends at her favorite beach-style shag bar.

One night we drank some wine. I told her I didn’t want to be in a relationship. She said she just wanted to be friends and neighbors. We accidentally kissed (you know how that can happen.) I insisted I didn’t want to get involved, and she agreed wholeheartedly. Just a little friendly fooling around, you know.

There was the occasional erotic interlude but always the platonic caveat.

I promise you, I was always perfectly frank and above board with her.

Then it started.

One day my ex stopped by (we remained friends after the divorce) unexpectedly.
We were talking in my apartment when there was a pounding on my door. It was Paula, inebriated, demanding to know who the woman was. I introduced my ex at the door and the encounter ended with Paula staggering drunkenly backwards and falling on her behind over some steps on the landing.

Then the cycle of rage and reconciliation began.

Sometimes I would come home in the evening and have 5 or 6 calls from Paula on my answering machine. They would show a drunken progression from tearful apology, to professions of love, to raging invective. The last call would usually say something like “You selfish bastard, I hate you! I don’t ever want to hear from you again”, etc. then the next day an apology and a begging of forgiveness.

This has gone on for six months and it has really affected my comfort level. I can’t leave or enter the cul-de-sac without her knowledge.

I should have known better. The friendly f**k is a myth. And neighbors are risky candidates for lovers.

Has anybody else here got a story of obsession?

I just hope you don’t have a pet bunny rabbit. :eek:

Boy, was that Close, Glenn?

I can sympathize. I had a wacko stalker problem once. Occasionally I still get letters from the creepazoid. It is a sad fact that there are looneys out there who seem normal until you get into a relationship with 'em, and then they go all Fatal Attraction on you. There ain’t no such thing as casual sex.

Save the tapes of the phone calls.

Either leave them in a safe deposit box for CSI to fing or post them on the internet.

Too late.