Playskool Busy Ball Popper. One wonderful toy...

…at least for my Grandkids (who are 17-months, almost).

The motors loud, but they don’t care. Each of them sports an anticipatory grin when he turns it on and then laughs lout loud when the balls come popping out. It’s very funny even for this adult impersonator, and if you get one from Amazon or Target, you might not regret it. $17.69 at both places.

See it at…

…and check out the reviews before you buy.

Then, while you’re at it, consider Sandra Boynton’s Belly Button Book. My grandkids might be a little young for it, but we bought it anyway, and I was knocked out by it. It’s utterly beguiling, though the twins don’t quite get it yet — even though they’re currently fascinated with belly buttons.

All adults I know who’ve read it, love the Belly Button Book.

Seconded. Both my daughters enjoyed ours. Eventually they started playing “what else can I stuff down the holes” and all sorts of toys got wedged in there. (but were simple to extract)
My favorite was the time the eldest shredded two paper napkins into tiny bits, dropped them down the hole, and hit the button. Confetti fountain! I was tickled that she came up with the idea on her own (roughtly 2yrs old at the time).

We also enjoy Boynton, and haven’t come across the one about belly buttons. Will have to seek it out, as the 14mo old is obsessed with them.

The book might be more fun for you and your wife to read, than for your 14 month older to be read to.

I thought you were recommending this popper, a universally beloved toddler toy. They will push this thing around the house until they’re in their teens, I guarantee it. And they’re cheap – don’t pay $20. I’m sure I never spent more than $10 on one of these things.

From memory:

This tiny hippopotomus has something small to say.
And if we’re very quiet now, she’ll say it right away.
You may not know what “BE-BO!” means, or maybe you’ve forgotten.
It’s just the tiny hippo way of saying:

After reading this one to my daughter every evening for the last…mmm, I’ll put at roughly 400 evenings, I can recite the entire thing with absolutely no problem.

Of course, I loved that book so much that for the first few months, I was reading much more for me than I was for her. :slight_smile:

By the by, if you say to my daughter “Shayla, where’s your be-bo?”, she’ll happily point and show you.

And they scare the daylights out of the dog. They’ve got one that counts, lights up, and plays songs, too. We left that version at my kind MIL’s house. The original is noisy enough.

They’ve got that one too, Ellen. In fact, “Popper” was one of the first words one twin said.

Oh. And the two of 'em like that toy very much.