Please admit you watch Flavor of Love, too?

Pretty please? Please tell me someone besides myself has gotten hooked on this ridiculous show?
When VH1 started the promos for Flavor of Love, I thought, “How f*cking ridiculous!”, but now it’s like a Technicolor, gilded train wreck. I can’t look away. Those women are hilarious, and Flavor Flav is …well, Flavor Flav.

Of the seven or so women left, I’m really pulling for Hoopz. I think she’s one of the few genuine girls on the show. If not Hoopz, then I’d have to go for Goldie because, really, who wouldn’t love a chunky girl who can puke in your living room wastebasket, then act like nothing happened?

Crack up moments: When Pumpkin (the very blond, pale substitute teacher) was told by the other girls that she was “OG”…and she said “OG?..Is that like Olive Garden?” and Hottie’s microwave chicken.

And I think Red Oyster is going to flip out a start killing people. That girl just looks mean.

I…watch it…

I watched it a few weeks ago while stewing in bed recovering from a hang-over.

It’s a trainwreck. The girls are all “nearly girls”, that is they aren’t even good looking enough to make C-list reality shows.

That said, I like Hoopz as well. She’s actually quite attractive.

I don’t know if I’ve seen the latest episode (the last one I saw had Sweetie getting cut and flipping out at Flav) but this show is just fan-freakshow-tastic.

I think Red Oyster is going to win. I can see Flav keeping her around because she acts as his spy and then in the finale him saying “A playa needs a girl he can trust.”

Hottie I am convinced is an actress and New York is actually a man.

Ah…the show that proves that some people will literally do anything to get on TV. Flavor Flav? FLAVOR FLAV? Women are…competing…COMPETING…to date FLAVOR FRICKIN’ FLAV?!

Pass the arsenic, please. Our civilization is dead.

I watched what I guess was the first episode over at a friends house one nght. We were pretty drunk and just channel surfing. I couldn’t believe it-- it was so bad that it was good. I had never heard of this guy, but Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick… these girls were just out their gourds. I noticed today’s episode had Flav’s mom on and there was some kind of cook-off. I hit the record button on my DVR. Gotta see whose coooking Flav is gonna pick!!

I watch it. Dear God, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I watch it. I’m really hoping that Hoopz or Goldie wins. They seem the most genuine to me, and I think Goldie is hilarious.

Also, Hottie is an actress. I wonder if her behavior on the show is an act. Part of me hopes so, because I can’t believe anyone could be that messed up, and that stupid, but part of me hopes she’s for real, because it’s not as funny if she’s faking.

Her website is hilarious, and I love the bicycle bell sound effect they play every time she blinks!

I’m so disappointed about Red Oyster, and btw, does anyone know what that tattoo on her breast is? It’s pretty big, but I can never make it out.

My wife watches reality shows by the score, so I’m always sort of aware of them in the background, but I’ve started actually watching this one, mainly because it’s Flavor Flav, and I was a big Public Enemy fan back in the 80’s.

I swear they’re making him keep New York around to build up the meltdown when he eventually tells her to leave. The producers are going to want her to go Defcon 1.

I just want to apologize to New York/Tiffany. Before last night’s show, I thought a lot of nasty things about you. Now, I still think you’re a psycho bitch, but your mother is a super psycho bitch from hell on steroids, so you’ve actually managed to do fairly well for yourself. I still hope I’m never in the same state as you.

That was almost too much to be believed, though. Are we sure this isn’t The Joe Schmo Show?

No shit! I’d only seen that woman for a couple of minutes and already I didn’t like her for years.
Yes, it’s true, I watch it…and I watched it when he was in Italy with that grotesque Brigette Neilsen, too.

There’s no hope!

Yeah. I’ve wondered about the level of reality this show has too. New York is just a wee bit over the top. If she is real, then Flav better pick her or she’s gonna kill his ass.

And how about Pumkins (God I hate typing it like that.) loogie. Good form and great aim. That’s some talent there.