Hell's Kitchen 3-19

I hope I’m not the only one still watching this.

Spoiler space for anyone that hasn’t seen it (HK is on Hulu! Wooohoo!)

Yes J screwed up BADLY, but I felt for him. I did admire how calm he stayed. I couldn’t have.

Lacey is the whiniest person I have ever seen on this show. In real life, when I’ve worked with people like her? (Re: the whole “I QUIT!” dramafests), I’ve always thought, “Thank you, go. I would rather work harder and get more done than deal with your bullshit.”

Robert is FUNNY! The man has a way around a phrase: “If Lacey wins? I will take my jacket off and become a crack whore.”

Me and my coworker/friend that watch the show and compulsively text about it during the ep, were both SURE that Ben would go.

My SO, who has become addicted, said, <mocking Lacey>"I swear, if Lacey doesn’t go?? I’m WALKING OUT ON THIS SHOW!!

Yeah, I know. Only WT watches reality shows. I don’t care. I love HK.

Hate Lacey. God, she’s such a whiny bitch. The worst part is, I’m sure she thinks that she’s great at getting along with others but everyone else in the world is Just So Mean.

I’m sure it was the editing, but I turned to my SO and said, J is not long for this show. And did I read that right, he’s a Food Court Chef? Like in a mall or something? That explains a lot.

Yeah, I know, I could check the web site, but I’m being lazy.

I’m watching but the show is starting to lose me. Not that it was ever anything great but when I compare who is there now with Michael,Heather, Rock (previous winners) I’m finding that there is no one that I want to root for. Part of it is that I think the top three (right now I think Paula, Andrea & Danny- possibly Robert & Giovannii exchanged with one of them) are getting very little attention while the idiots run the circus (Lacey, Carol, etc). As bad as Lacey is, I think Carol is just as bad. I’m pretty sure Lacey will be gone next week. I thought tonight was a clear warning that she better find a way to get along and her attitude was “it’s on them.” I thought L.A started out strong but seems to be slipping.

At this point it’s funny because the best chefs are the ones that get the least amount of attention and stay under the radar. Of course, if Ramsay isn’t yelling at you since you’re doing a good job, that doesn’t make for very entertaining television. Still, I hope Lacey is the next one to go because it baffles my mind that people have to persuade her to stay… Especially since this is a competition! If I were there I would be encouraging her to leave!

This is my first season watching so I may not understand all the rules. I thought one person was eliminated each episode based on the chefs’ evaluations of one another? Does Chef Ramsey usually kick someone off in the middle of a show? I guess what I’m getting at is that once J was kicked off we knew no one else was getting eliminated last night, so why do the whole dramatic thing at the end? Or am I not getting it?

I must say I don’t like a single one of the contestants, with an extra heaping helping of:rolleyes: for Lacey. And wasn’t Robert “don’t call me Bobby” on last year? I didn’t pay any attention when the boyfriend watched it last season but I have a vague memory of a large, whiney guy on then too.

As long as Chef Ramsey keeps throwing tantrums it’s all good.

I’m still watching it, but I’m not finding Ramsay amusing. Throwing scallops all over the blue kitchen, yelling “no, no, no”? Honestly, I’ve seen two year olds with better impulse control. I’ve had my fill of abusive ranting - even when people apologize, he can’t let up. It’s kind of disturbing.

It’s like LA was saying - most of us don’t have the experience of being called a pig or a donkey on a regular basis without being able to respond.

As far as Lacey goes, why are they wasting everyone’s time? As if Ramsay would leave her in charge of a kitchen in a high end hotel. It’s got nothing to do with her cooking, she just does not play well with others - not that Ramsay himself is a prize.

WOOK- last season had a different large, whiny guy. I think it’s a casting requirement every season.

I’d love to see one of them call Ramsay on the name-calling.

“Excuse me? If you want my attention please don’t call me a cow. I can hear you just fine. Chef!”

Would he really fire someone over that?

That whole thing was fishy. Ramsay has kicked people out of the kitchen before but it was just for that service. They’d end up back in the firing line by show’s end and possibly be sent home. I was wondering if perhaps J just told the producers he was leaving and that’s that.

I think J just quit. You know they are going to keep that pig, Lacey on for dramatic effect, anyway. They always keep the one that everybody loves to hate until the bitter end.

Is it just me or does Bobby look like Ralphie May from Last Comic Standing?

Hey, you’re right! Except Ralphie doesn’t make me want to bitch slap him.

This is exactly the wrong way to approach the show as a contestant.

It’s a job interview. If Ben can get his cooking quality sorted out, he’ll take the cup no problem because he’s the guy who can get people motivated and working alongside each other, and he’s the guy who’ll take someone new and unskilled and show them how to do their job. Giovanni was somewhat able to accomplish that this week, but I suspect that his interaction with the women will implode next week, after he’s settled in a bit more.

Wow, I finally get to read the thread the same week the show is on!

Last season Matty was the crazy one who, just when you thought he was a goner, would pull out a good service and somehow avoid being eliminated. The guy was clearly nuts though. Watching his facial expressions was like watching Sybil switching between four or five different personalities. Now this season’s Matty is definitely Lacey. Chick is nuts, but there’s always someone who pisses Ramsey off more. And if she wins, I’ll become a crack whore. No way does she have even the barest hope of winning this. Even if she were the best chef there, no way is Ramsey putting that unstable crazy person in charge of one of his kitchens. I swear people like Lacey and Seth are actors snuck in just to make trouble.

J was a goner. Too bad, he seemed nice but really couldn’t hold it together. Well, that’s what you get for referring to yourself in the third person.

I’m pretty surprised at how unimpressive the chefs are this season. I thought they were supposed to be more experienced than previous seasons. I actually do think Ramsey will find a silk purse among the sow’s ears this season. Last season I really never saw anyone I thought should win.

I was wondering when LA was going to get called out. She seemed to be flying pretty low and I don’t know if it’s because she’s good or what.

What’s with people’s names these days? J? LA?

Anyway, the person eliminated is always up to Ramsey. He’s established in the past if he doesn’t agree, he’ll pick off who he wants. A good way to piss Ramsey off is to go for a Survivor-style strategic elimination of someone you just don’t like or are threatened by. He don’t play that.