Hell's Kitchen - 5/6

Another week, another hour of Ramsey screaming ‘you donkey’… I luv it.
Apparently this week they cater a Sweet Sixteen party. Hmmmm. We’ll see.

My 9 year-old son is a lunatic for Gordon Ramsey. He obsesses over HK, and Kitchen Nightmares when it’s on. It’s really bizarre how fanatical he is. My friend just bought him HK Season One on DVD- I hate that there’s so much swearing (uncensored!) but I can’t bring myself to ban it. Maybe he’ll be a world-famous chef one day because of Gordon!

We’ll definitely be watching at our house tonight.

Got the DVR all warmed up.

Well, damn. I really wanted Matty to go tonight. He’s such a whining dork. I didn’t like Shayna either, so I’ll take her leaving, but next week he really has to go. As for putting him on the girls’ team- ha ha! That was a good one, chef!

I too was so looking forward to being rid of the Matty scowl. Oh well, the girls should make quick work of his sorry ass.

Can we make it so none of the contestants win? I can’t say I like a single one of them. I’m rooting for ALL of them to get kicked off. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lovely little bit of irony:

Chef lays into Matt for letting Bobbie push him off his station.

Chef pushes Roseanne (?) off her station.

Aw well, do as I say, not as I do.

I’m thinking the final two might be Bobbie and the rather jolly Italian guy.

Chef Ramsay was hilarious this week, particularly when he told the birthday mom to shut up. The party planner also had me cracking up. He managed to successfully unite Jen and Christina in shared disdain.

I can’t wait to see Matt in action on the other side. I hate that stupid look he gets though.

This is speculation, but I’ll spoiler it for those who don’t watch the previews…

“You won’t believe who’s going home next!”
Is big-mouthed Jen gonna push Ramsey too far? That’s my guess. But of course, they show Ramsey giving her hell in the previews, so if the promo monkeys on this show are as bad as they are on other reality shows (and apparently they are - that was the Corey-LouRoss hookup?!?!?), Jen is safe. I can’t imagine Bobby screwing up enough to be sent home, as Ramsey seems to really like him, and it does seem like Jen has not done anything to make herself stand out.

The chefs this season are all so unlikeable - there’s really no one to root for at all. Maybe that’s why I’m enjoying the speculation so much.

But wait - if that’s an accurate statement in the promo, does that mean Matt stays with the women for more than one service?!? That’ll make Ben’s head blow up! :smiley:

Chef Ramsay’s reason for choosing Shayna didn’t jibe at all with what he said to her when she left. “She made so many small mistakes.” Huh? She never really pinged my radar much, but he’s been all over Roseanne for several episodes culminating in him personally taking over her station tonight. Has he ever done that?

I really can’t understand why she’s still there quite frankly. And don’t even get me started on Sourpuss Matt. He’s so ineffective and annoying I honestly think that he survived just so Ramsay could punish the women a little. The moment he suggested he’d rather be on the red team, you could almost see the gears in Ramsay’s head going into overdrive.

IMHO, it should have been Roseanne tonight, but I’d have been happy to see Matt go as well. I’m disappointed, but this is definitely the worst season of HK. The embarassing little sex games, the constant backstabbing and piss-poor “strategy” is making the contestants look like they think they’re on Big Brother.

HK is devolving into Another Crappy Fox Reality Show™ and I’m getting to the point at which my fondness for Ramsay won’t keep me watching.

BTW, did I miss the returning chef or is that next week?

No, but it was for the little princess herself, so…

I definitely agree. Unless the editors left out numerous but boring Shayna blunders, Matt survived only because having him switch teams is more interesting than just dropping him.

As far as the women go, I’d like to see Cory and Roseanne gone. They may or may not be able to cook, but they are lousy contestants, IMHO.

I’m excited at Matt going over to the Red Team it set my Spidey-“Drama”-Sense off.

At first I liked Ben but now I don’t. He’s just coming off as an ass.

I want Roseann to go. Her accent is like fingernails on a blackboard to me. Matt is a whiney quitter and he can go any time. Jen is so self-centered that no opinion or thought except her own has any value. But she cooks and leads.

A 16 year old who has never had shrimp? “her tastes are simple” I bet her mother’s been feeding her fishsticks and PBJ all her life.


Did anyone else throw up a little in your mouth when the “you’re possibly fired” women pulled the mommy card while giving their why-I-should-stay speeches?

Not as much as when Ramsay said that the serious chef who was a little too slow for his tastes could “go back to doing what she is good at: changing diapers.” :mad:

Yes. That was low.

This season of HK has been bad and frankly quite embarassing. It is obvious that the chefs are now hand-picked for their “skills” to provoke frustration from Gordon Ramsay and to insult eachother rather than for their cooking. I am amused by Gordon’s lashings as much as anybody, but only if it’s there for a reason.

Top Chef has grabbed my attention. It actually has inspiring cooking.

Nah, it was the editor/promo monkeys messing with us again. It’s not a returning chef they were alluding to, it’s the fact that Matt is going to the women’s team.

I cannot believe Squidface is still there.