Please do a US soldier a favor

As I posted in my LJ:

Become a foster parent for a soldier’s pet while they are shipped to the Middle East:

If I didn’t already have three cats and a dog, I would help out but it’s a little much for me right now. If I owned this house I would be a foster parent to a soldier’s pet or two.

This makes me sad because many of the soldiers are sending them for permanent adoption and that means the animals will either be adopted out permanently or the animal might be euthanized.

Please get the word out to your journal friends. (ummm, in this case on the SDMB, please pass that information on to your friends where ever they are.)

To add: we live in a huge military town and I am sure there are a ton of soldiers that are just heart broken to give up their beloved pets for good. Please help them out.

techchick, thanks for posting about this. I’ve known about this organization for a little while now as I’m in the middle of figuring out what I’m going to do with my dog once I get to my new duty station and get shipped out. It’s a horrible feeling and probably the one thing I hate most about being in the service. These people provide a good safety net and I thank my lucky stars they exist.

What a fantastic link and organization, techchick! I’ve been in the military/a military family for 18 years and I’ve never heard of it. Like you, we also have three cats and a dog, (plus three kids), so fostering ourselves isn’t practical, but I’m going to make a donation to these folks, and I’m going to find a way to publicise this on post. More people need to know about this.

I’d do it if we didn’t already have two dogs and a cat, plus a temporary foster dog until the rescue can find a foster home for him. Three dogs is just too much for this house.

I hadn’t heard of this, but as a certifiable Animal Nut ™ I HIGHLY approve.

I just hope that people step up to the plate and help out more soldiers/military personnel.

Glad to hear this little post may help out. I 'spose I could call my landlord/friend and ask him about it. He is retired Air Force, maybe he would let me foster someone’s pet. In fact, he was in Saudi setting up communications during the Gulf War…hmmm.

You may feel better than in NY the Daily News ran an fairly large article with pictures looking for such people this week.

I am not doing this (my dog does not like strange animals) but it is being publicized.

We just adopted an eight month bassett puppy from the bassett hound rescue last month. I showed the boys the website and we’ll submit an application to foster another bassett hound as a temporary playmate for her. Thanks for the heads up techchick.