Please don’t let this post egg you into a response not allow

An obviously automated message from the software has informed me:

“Please don’t let this post egg you into a response not allow in Great Debates. Mods are discussing it.
Feel free to attack the post and not the poster though.”

I’m not sure I will be egged on to respond, but I am motivated to suggest that the word “allow” in the sentence be amended to “allowed”.

Thank you.

I’m not a big fan of the ‘egg you on’ verbiage anyway. It’s good to say “this post contains inflammatory language, mods are discussing it, consider not responding.” Kind of juvenile to say “don’t let this post make you do bad things!” Adults take responsibility for their actions, saying “I was egged on” is a child’s excuse.

Yes! Throw off the yolk of oppression!

Curious. What’s the trigger for that note? I thought all those notes were generated by the mods. If it’s automated, what causes it?

That note is attached to the post below the one in the OP.

Delete your account :slight_smile:

Yeah I just want it to be on the record here that it was not my post which garnered this warning, it was the one by UltraVires which was substantially more abrasive and tactless.

Never. We may be scrambling for solution here, perhaps contentious posters will no longer be coddled, but this is not ova.

I honestly don’t know, but I saw that verbiage start popping up in the past couple of weeks. A poster excused bad behavior by claiming he was “egged on” and it seems to have taken life in other contexts, which I find unfortunate. Adults may misspeak, or react impulsively, or make mistakes, but we don’t get “egged on” to do stuff. That’s a child’s excuse.

Omelette-ing you get away with that just this once, but don’t whip me into a frenzy.

< dances the meringue in shellebration >

That is a “staff notice”. Discobot will post automated staff notices when someone is new to the board or if someone returns who hasn’t posted in a while.

This particular notice was added by a mod.

If we make a mod note about something, it gets tacked to the end of the thread like any other post. If we want to call out something in a particular post we can add a staff notice to the post. That way, everyone will see the notice regardless of whether or not they see the mod note later in the thread. It helps prevent problem posts created by someone who missed the later mod note.


Even a moderator who is otherwise a good egg can make a spelling/grammar mistake. :wink: :fried_egg:

That makes more sense than an automated notice since it’s really specific to this forum. I know that some mods add their username to these notices. It might help to get others to do the same since it’s easy to skip over the fact that it’s a mod note from an actual mod on the forum.

I didn’t see any other notices in the thread, so it’s hard to tell who posted that.

Most of us do, I think. Might have just been an oversight in this particular case. In any event, I brought up the issue in the mod loop. Thanks!

Oeuf you guys would just take this seriously.

Damn, I wanted to make the “scramble” comment. Maybe I’ll poach it anyway.


I don’t know if it’s since been edited but @What_Exit signs those notes {WE?}, which that post now has.

I can tell this is not going to be over easy.

When will it be ruled upon, and what rule could it possibly have violated? I hate racism and racial stereotypes and if my other examples raised eyebrows it was only because they are so awful: just what the Biden administration did. It wasn’t hate speech; it was argument by contrast and compare which is a new forbidden thing I’ve seen. Disagree with me, but please remove the note.

The ‘don’t let this post egg you into a response’ was written by a mod for a specific post?
I saw that note (or one of those notes) a few days ago. I just assumed multiple flags/reports triggered it automatically.
Personally, regardless of how it’s written, I kinda liked it. Plus, I noticed that (as far as I recall) no one replied to the post afterwards. It quickly got a thread that was going to turn into a side argument back on track.