Please explain this anonymous note?

Someone put it in my mailbox. It’s neatly hand-written in ink, on a 3 X 5 card:

That’s all it says. No name, phone number–nothing. Is this some kind of threat?

Well, since they put it into your mailbox, and you don’t say it was mailed to you, they did commit a crime under US Postal regulations.


Seriously? Ignore it.


If you find a single guy in his 30’s at the other end of that note, send him my way :slight_smile:

Well, do you have an answer? 31 inches is quite a stretch for a Gumby action figure. I’m not sure you can beat it.

These Mafia warnings keep getting stranger and stranger.

[Eddie Murphy]

I am Gumby, dammit!

[/Eddie Murphy]

Obviously they’re trying to wound your heart with a monotonous languor.

Back around twenty years ago, my friends and I did extensive LSD “experimentation.” We did all kinds of crazy shit that is only funny if you’ve ever been on the bus.

We would do things like make what appeared to be children’s drawingx with crayon on construction paper but make then slightly off is bizarre ways. Then we’d mail them to random people from the phone book.

A gumby conspiracy, yes!

Delivered to the wrong address?

Even without the aid of drugs, I think a lot of people in the mid-teens to early twenties go through a stage where “freaking out the squares” is a common social activity. I’m guessing some bored HS seniors were having a good time.

Beats having them spray paint a bad word on your garage.

Bad word? Irregardless?

One morning back when I was in college I woke up to find that, sometime in the night, someone had written the following in shoe polish on the windshield of my car:

I brake for ponies.

**totally SFW, just spoilered for comic effect**

I had a similar WTF moment, and, as above, chalked it up to someone messing around while under the influence of hallucinogens or something. I was just grateful they wrote on the glass and not on the body/paint.

At least it wasn’t on the inside of the windshield.

Hmm. In the household to the west, just about everyone was born in Armenia. I can’t imagine them involved in something like this. The native-born children are all under ten.

To the east is an apartment building. There are several likely candidates there.

I’ll have to investigate.

Sounds like an art project to me. (Not necessarily under the influence of psychoactive substances, but they don’t hurt…)

I would take it as someone providing me with a little free whimsy and imagination in my life.
I mean, it does mean your neighborhood is infested with art college kids, but that’s better than an infestation of frat kids or investment bankers or something.

Yeah, I’d chalk it up to some combination of bored or imaginative high-school or college students, and controlled substances.

Hmm, I recall the quote

It is a reference to the English translation of a line of French poetry (Baudelaire?) that signalled to the French underground that D-Day was happening - according to the movie “The Longest Day”

but I’m not clear on its relationship to a strange Gumby note.

Champion-Of_Truth saying “Hello”?