Please explain this Crock comic

Please, for the love of god. Just someone tell me you get the joke, and then explain to me what the hell it is.

I tried to figure it out. I hoped the comic curmudgeon, after playing around, would give a serious answer. I even clicked on the comments section and hoped that someone commenting would explain it. I just don’t get it.

Thank you.


I really think it’s just the irony of telling actors dressed as pilgrims to turn off their cell phones. Anachronistic, and all that.

If there’s more to it, it’s beyond me.

Wow, that’s a head scratcher. The setup - “I’d like you to try and match my legs” is so awkward that I figure it must be important somehow.

No, the cell phone comic is Six Chix. Nzinga is asking about Crock, the third comic on the page, with the “matching legs” gag.

As far as I can tell, it’s a weak pun – “I’d like you to try and match (have yours be as sexy as) my legs”, followed by “your legs don’t even match (look the same as) each other, much less (match, either in the “look the same as” or “look as good as” sense) mine”.

I think I get it; it’s just poorly worded and not really funny at all.

Woman 1: My legs have always been one of my best features.
Woman 2: I’d like you to try and match my legs. (In other words, “Your legs would never beat my legs.”)
Woman 1: Honey, your legs don’t even match each other, much less mine.

Basically, it’s making a pun on “match” - first using it as as “competition”, and then as “look alike”. I think it would have been better as:

Woman 1: My legs have always been one of my best features.
Woman 2: Ha! Your legs are no match for mine.
Woman 1: Honey, your legs don’t even match each other.

But still not that funny.

But…huh? Are we supposed to understand that the poorly drawn woman who is supposed to be hot has legs that don’t match each other?

I mean, nobody’s legs really match - one’s a left, the other’s a right…in what manner do her legs not match? Is one bigger than the other? Fatter? Is there an accusation of weird plastic surgery?

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Well, ovarall, Crock sucks as a comic. At least IMHO figuring it out isn’t worth the time.

(missed the edit window) Ivory, I think the point of the first comic was that she was telling the actors (teenagers) to turn their cells off, when usually, one tells the audience.

Now. I think the idea that Grosse would be insulting the other woman to the point of saying her legs are so mishappen that they don’t even match eachother is just…a stretch. Grosse knows she isn’t the hot one in that strip, dammit! That response would be out of character for her. (forgive me for reading that strip enough to know what is in or out of character).

But I think you all are right. It is a weak pun and just not funny. As usual.

Crock is still being published?
I have (or had) a collection of strips from the late seventies and they were a bit uneven, but worth the occasional laugh. For some reason, one that comes to mind features two goats (or sheep, or whatever the hell they were; in any case two animals who were fed table scraps and whatnot) talking about Star Wars. The female loved R2-D2, while the male commented that it made him hungry. Female: “You’re gross, Fred.”

Hardly a knee-slapper, I know, but it stayed with me for 25 years.

What the hell is the curmudgeon going off on about the shepherd’s crook in the pilgrim’s hand? Does he know absolutely nothing about what he’s complaining about?

I don’t think shepherds and pilgrims are easily connected. I know it certainly looked incongruous to me.

Oops. (Reads the correct one) Wow. That’s pretty obscure.

Who ever heard of a pilgrim with a shepherd’s crook? Shepherd’s crooks are associated with nativity plays, not Thanksgiving plays. I suppose some pilgrim somewhere may have used one, since they kept a few sheep on their farms, but they certainly weren’t full-time shepherds managing huge flocks. It’s an incongruous image.

I take it as something like, “Each of your legs is hotter than the other!”

Why is Crock still around? Are there actually Crock fans out there who complain when a newspaper drops it?

Yes, and since they’re all veterans of the Foreign Legion, ignore them at your peril.

I haven’t clicked the link in the OP, I can only assume that it links to every Crock in existence.

Every time ANY newspaper talks about getting rid of ANY “classic” comic strip, the retirement homes in the area start to bleed snail-mail, heading directly to the newspaper offices. Old folks LOVE the comic page set-up they’ve been looking at for 40 or 50 years, and, frankly, most of the people who still read newspapers are old people.

It’s at least one reason why Gasoline Alley (MY FREAKIN’ GOD! GASOLINE ALLEY! It’s older than my grandparents would be if they were still alive!) is still running. Not to mention Dick Tracey, and Mary Worth, and Apartment 3-G (old Golden Girls joke: Dorothy: I haven’t read Apt. 3-G in almost 30 years! Rose: Well, it’s later that afternoon…).

I have a theory about the ‘leg matching’ comment - Crock is such a great comic that it takes two people to make it - one to write it and one to draw it.

The guy writing it got Grossie and the ‘hot’ woman reversed, and the guy drawing it doesn’t usually get the jokes, or doesn’t care, so he just drew what he was handed.