Please explain this Jonah Hill joke to me

I was reading a list of funny tweets and it had this one:

So Jonah Hill is proof than [sic] some men will literally go to therapy instead of going to therapy

Can somebody explain the joke to me?

I have no idea.

The context has “literally” in it which suggests the person would see an actual therapist.

The second would be some other kind of therapy. No idea what that would be though.

Given the source I would not think too much about it. There is a good chance they do not know what “literally” literally means.

Is it possible that he literally went to therapy — showing up for the appointment, and sitting down while a guy with official credentials was in fact in the room — but that he wasn’t out to, like, have a meaningful conversation where he’d open up to someone in hopes of a therapeutic result?

To put it another way, if I say I go to the gym three times a week, (a) that implies that I’m doing it to exercise, but (b) it’s literally true if my chauffeur drives me there and carries my limp body inside and then lugs me right back to the car…

I do know the background on this.

It’s a long, stupid story about a self-absorbed, egotistical jerk. The short version is that he found himself a therapist who would validate his self-image, rather than pushing him to work on himself, and it culminates in gross, controlling attacks on his girlfriend, using perverse distortions of “therapy speak” to make all his problems her fault.

Basically he went to fake, neurosis-reinforcing “therapy” so he wouldn’t have to face his real problems and improve himself in actual therapy.

Edit to add: Here’s a summary if you have a strong stomach for emotionally abusive behavior. As an example of what I said above, Hill told his (now ex) girlfriend that it violated his “boundaries” when she spent time with other men without him present.

Apologies if anyone was a fan of Jonah Hill. He’s a turd.

“Men will literally X instead of going to therapy” is a meme.

Yes, exactly, I should have mentioned that. The joke takes that established meme format and makes the observation that Hill pretended to go to therapy in order to avoid going to therapy.

He made a documentary about his therapist

Yeah, the problem with therapy is that it’s EXTREMELY easy to be used as a weapon by a cunning person against his or her partner, or against other people. All that therapy-speak is ripe for distortion and use as manipulation.

The OP doesn’t provide a source, other than “seen it on Twitter”. And given the responses that actually answered the question, the source literally did know what “literally” meant.

As was made clear on The Sopranos. I always wondered why Lorraine Bracco’s name was ahead of Edie Falco’s in the credits. It’s because the series began and ended with Dr Melfi.

Did she shoot Tony? Interesting!

No, she dropped him as a patient. She cut him adrift and it was clear his end was nigh. She might just as well have been the one who shot him.

Didn’t you watch the series?

I didn’t watch the series (too cheap to pay for HBO). Did he get shot?

Spoiler alert: It was not shown, only implied, that he was shot while in a restaurant with his family. The episode ended with a “cut to black” at the moment he probably would have been whacked.

Fan reaction varied, to say the least, and the producer has spoken on his choice to end the series.

The series has been aired “for free” on cable TV a couple of times since it was on HBO. I watched back-to-back episodes on CTV2 until it ended last week. It was on after midnight, so all of the profanity and violence was preserved, in contrast to some other airings that were parodied on (I think) MAD TV.

I saw the finale of The Sopranos as it originally aired and the cut to black was so sudden, unexpected and long-lasting that I (and others) thought the transmission cut out at that moment. I thought the ending was brilliant; for the rest of his life, Tony Soprano would never know if or when he might be murdered (hit) and this demonstrated that. Also, Meadow Soprano was terrible at parallel parking.

Here’s the MAD TV parody (“edited for broadcast”). The black woman playing Dr Melfi does a perfect imitation of Lorraine Bracco’s voice!