Please help me choose my free winter side dish at the deli.

At our deli, we offer a scoop of potato salad with every sandwich, but I need something different for the fall/winter.

I like the idea of roasted root veggies or maybe some baked beans. My husband is leaning towards some of my chili.

Of course, we’ll have a soup everyday anyway, so maybe that? Or maybe something else altogether?

What do you guys think?

I personally like something starchy with my sandwich. What about some kind of curried potato dish for something a little “warmer” tasting for winter?

For the winter, something warm like Mac n’ cheese or macaroni in marinara sauce.

Do you know how to make a good Brunswick Stew?

Hot German potato salad, with bacon?

Curry potato sound awesome, Johnny Bravo! I like how you think!

Maybe throw in some extra root veggies since it’s the fall.

Mashed potatoes with fried onions.

I think the MacNCheese is a good idea. Easy to make and keep. Hot and rib sticking. A small scoop will be an enticement to buy more. Mashed potatoes are a good second. Please use real potatoes, even the pre-made buckets of the stuff. Maybe it’s just me, but I can tell right away when mashed potatoes are nothing but instant with one real potato with skin is tossed in. I’d shy away from anything that includes seasonings individuals don’t like such as onions, garlic, curry, chili, etc. That will just get lots of requests to substitute something else. All this depends on your particular audience though.

I think roasted root vegetables are perfect. But there are people who have problems with ‘strange’ foods like rutabagas, turnips, and parsnips. Mac and cheese would be a great alternative for those folks, and a fine accompaniment for the rest of us.

No, do you have a good recipe?

My cousin was supposed to share hers with me, but I think she forgot.

I like the sound of mac and cheese. Yeah, that might be the ticket.

Thanks you guys.

On a side note, I had my first health inspection today. The inspector said he wished every kitchen was as clean as ours is. :slight_smile:

Welp. Time to go make some curried potatoes.

Roasted root vegetables sounds good to me.

Mac’n’cheese or baked beans or root vegetables ALL sound good. Maybe you should rotate them and see what’s popular? And what increases the sales?

I’d be just as happy with a scoop of potato salad in the winter as in the summer, though. Baked beans would be great, too. I don’t cook beans very much at home, because there’s just the two of us, but I do like beans.

You want a warming rib-sticker? Stewed macaroni. It’s a Swedish recipe; the macaroni is stewed in whole milk after boiling. Made the mistake of trying that recipe out last summer - it was delicious but boy was it the wrong meal for a warm sunny day. I think I also used milk that hadn’t had the cream separated out as a substitute, which made it even thicker.

By itself it’s not particularly flavorful, however, so you could add some sort of herbs or spices to it to give it the right kick for winter.

Let me know if you’re interested. I’ll post the recipe here.

Same here. To be honest, when I want a sandwich, I just want a sandwich. A bit of potato salad or coleslaw on the side is nice, as is a bag of chips or fries, but I personally am not interested in mac & cheese or beans or anything like that. If I want those things, I’ll order them separately. For me, soup & a sandwich with a bag of chips is what really goes well together on a winter’s day, but that could just be a soup & sandwich combo special.

You should be thinking in terms of ingredient cost and preparation time as much as anything.

Pīrāgi (Latvian bacon buns) . If you make these right, you’ll have customers clamoring for more. Here’s a simple recipe and you can make them in advance. Here’s a recipe.

Oh, my, bacon buns are awesome!! There’s a bakery here (Bridgeport Bakery) that often sells out of them by 7 a.m.

However, I can’t see them as a side dish to a sandwich. That’s like having a hot dog as a “side” to your hamburger.

MacNCheese is right up there with that. It’s hard to beat staples like mashed potatoes or rice in terms of costs and labor, but they aren’t very impressive either.

Something’s wrong with having a hot dog as a side to your hamburger? :confused: