When I eat ____ , I have to eat ____ as a side dish

Do you dip your french fries in mayo or milk shakes? Put peanut butter on your hamburgers? That’s great but there are other threads for you pervs :slight_smile: Let’s keep this about side-dishes.

When I eat mac & cheese, I must have harvard glazed beets on the side. I keep a couple jars in the pantry just in case I decide to make mac & cheese. It’s even better when the red glaze oozes into the mac and I get a little of both in each bite.

When I each grilled cheese sandwiches, I need tomato soup for dipping.

And not just things you prefer - things you MUST HAVE on the side, otherwise you’d rather not have the main dish at all. No glazed beets in the pantry? Forget about the mac & cheese in that case.

I just know somebody was going to mention their preference for peas with hamburger helper unless I said that. Hamburger helper work fine all by itself, thank you very much.

When I have any sandwich on a hamburger bun, it must be accompanied by french fries or a baked potato. Potatoes prepared any other way will not do, nor will any non-potato side dish.

And a burger (or other burger-like patty) must be served on a hamburger bun. If there are no buns, there will be no burgers. Mr. Neville sometimes eats burgers between two slices of regular sandwich bread, which I think is really weird.

My mac-and-cheese must have is applesauce. I was amazed about a month ago as I watched my 4 year old dip his in exactly the way I have since I was young. I rarely eat it myself anymore, so I don’t think he picked it up from me directly. Poor kid, made me wonder what other oddities I’ve passed along to him.
Also–roast beef must be eaten with roasted taters and thick gravy. Otherwise, thanks but no thanks.

Smoked Meat sammies and Kosher Dill pickles.

Honey BBQ wings and a Coke.

Kabobs and Rice and Tsatziki (tons of it)

Tuna Melts and Green dill pickeled tomatoes.

Patty and bella, you’re very strange. I thought *everyone * knew that the mac-and-cheese (the real stuff, not out of a box) go-with is stewed tomatoes!

Steak must be eaten with a baked potato and broccoli.

Corned beef with cabbage and potatoes.

Other than that, I’m easy!

When I eat Sesame Chicken, short grained rice must be served on the side. None of this “Basmati” stuff, neither.

I can’t eat latkes without sour cream on top, and green tomato pickles on the side. Ooooohh, now I need to go eat a green tomato pickle…

Do they even come wouth sour cream?

Corned Beef Hash must be topped with fried eggs, over easy or else no hash.
A chicken-fried steak must have mashed potatoes and gravy as a dinner or fried eggs and biscuits for breakfast. Either case requires gravy – white gravy to be specific – over the meat.

Barbecue brisket without sliced onions is wrong on so many levels we won’t even discuss it.

(Slaps Sattua’s knuckes with ruler) I said no condiments!

And I’m not so sure that latke qualifies as food, either :slight_smile:

You mean if you were served a mouth watering steak with no baker or broccoli, you’d turn it down? Don’t make me use the ruler again.


They are only the very best kind of food in the world…

You’re all wrong, and revoltingly so. You eat PEAS with mac & cheese (real or boxed). You may mix the peas with the mac & cheese, or eat them separately. They must be fresh or frozen peas- no canned “peas”- those aren’t food.

I don’t feel properly fed if my pork chop doesn’t come with applesauce as a side dish. I grew up with this combination, and applesauce just seems to me like a necessity with a pork chop. It’s like cranberry sauce with turkey.

ANYTHING chocolate must be washed down with coffee.

This doesn’t absolutely fit the OP’s requirements but an curry really really should have fesh Nan Bread as a side.

Yes, you are absolutley right. Even my 7 year old gets all confused when he’s at someone else’s house and gets mac & cheese w/o peas in it.

No , no , no . I LOVE mac & cheese , I HATE peas . Never the two shall meet .

Me ? If I have homemade fried chicken , I must have homemade mac & cheese . No boxed stuff . The real deal . One without the other is unthinkable , I tell you .

Other combos :

Bean soup and cornbread

Pot roast with potatoes and carrots cooked with it

spaghetti and garlic bread

Chili and peanut butter sandwich

Eggs must have bacon to be complete.
Chili requires Fritos, fresh from a newly opened bag.
Pork chops without applesauce is probably illegal somewhere.
Roasted Duckling is irrevocably tied to sauerkraut and dumplings.

All food go better with beer.