Please help me find old Levis jingle

Growing up in Chicagoland in the late Sixties/very early Seventies, I used to hear a Levis jingle on the radio that I thought was pretty cool. All I remember is this bit:

Over the Dipper
comes the cosmic zipper.
Jeans have flies.

I’m sure there were more lyrics, but I can’t remember them or find them on the Net. Nobody I know even remembers such a commercial.

Anyone remember the rest of this jingle?

I’m curious about this as it reminds me of a Levi’s TV commercial that had a goofy, pseudo psychedlic catchy tune. For some unknown (and unforgivable) reason I remember most of the lyrics:

Good morning world
I’m ready for you -ou-ou-ou-ou-ou-ou-ou-ou
Well I’m a wearin’ my Levi’s

I’ll be honest, I did not check youtube to see if someone actually captured this.


lazy me just checked and I actually had the lyircs right before I edited them.

Maybe the OP’s commercial is there too?

Were you able to find this ad on Youtube? I loved that ad (Levi’s used to run it during Saturday morning cartoons), and I’ve tried, and failed, to find it online several times over the past few years.

Alas, I don’t recall the jingle that nelliebly is looking for, however, though it probably dates from the same era.

There’s this one from the 70s.

That sure sounds like a tribute to the Fendermen and Mule Skinner Blues. Too close to be unintentional.

Some of those other Levi’s commercials from the '70s look like they were produced by Peter Max on acid. Far out, man. :wink:

Haw, Haw!

Someone else must have told me that because I searched for Levi’s Muleskinner Ad :slight_smile: