Please help me find out who sings this song.

I don’t post often so I don’t know where this question belongs. I’m really hoping someone can tell me either who sings this song or the title of it.

“I love you more than life/I’d give you all I have and more/I need you next to me…”

At least that’s how one line of it goes. I really appreciate any help.

“I’d give you all I have and more” sounds familiar, but I can’t place it. I was going to say Blow Up The Outside World, but that’s not it.

Do you know any other lines?

how about a genre, please.

recent or a few years old?

male or female singer?

well, soon, someone who knows will answer or will plug those lines into some database and viola!, you’ll have your answer.

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I don’t actually know the song, but a creative web search revealed this:

Niadine Renee - Next to me

Now where’s my cigar :smiley:

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