Please help me find the title of a book

The story takes place in Africa. I think the book takes place before the automobile.
A man is out riding his horse. He may have been a farmer or some type of landowner. He and his horse are viciously attacked by jackals. His faithful male employee finds him and perhaps puts the horse out of it’s misery. The employee allows the man’s dogs to lick the wounds on his face to facilitate healing. Then the employee crafts a mask from leather placing it on the mans wounded face and wets it to conform.

Needless to say there was a great more to this story; however that is all I have.
The book would have been written before 1970.

Thank you for any help:)

Is this a childrens book or one for adults?

Master of the Game by Sidney Sheldon?

Don’t remember a leather mask…

Not a children’s book

Master of the Game was published in 1982. The book I am looking for would have been written/published before 1970.