Please help me fix the reverse order file sorting on my Mac

Okay, I give up. All the folders on my Mac list the files they contain in reverse order (Z-A, 10-0) until I toggle the name bar on the top of the folder to flip them. And often I find they have mysteriously flipped back. This is particularly irritating when the folder contains an audiobook. Invariably after I flip everything in the folder so it is in the right order and drag it to my mp3 player, it copies the contents (mp3 files) in the correct order until I recharge the player and then the files reverse again.

I have found this issue discussed concerning iTunes, which I almost never use, but for me it’s not just audio files but any group of files, system wide. WTF am I missing/doing wrong?

(I’m on a MacBook, running system 10.5.8.)

Once you’ve got a Finder window sorted the way you like it, go to View > Show View Options. At the bottom of that window, there should be a button reading “Use As Defaults.” I think if you click that, it’ll stick for other windows in the future as well.

It worked, MikeS! Thank you so much! :slight_smile: