Please help me get around country restrictions so that I can watch my Battlestar!!

So, I’m in Germany, and it’s not letting me watch the long-awaited season premiere of Battlestar Galactica on SciFi’s website because I’m outside of the US. Bullshit, says I. I’m trying a bunch of different proxy websites, but so far no luck. Either it’s impossibly slow or it tells me I need to download Flash to view the site when I don’t.


When does it premiere?

(Sorry, but I have no idea how to help you with your problem.)

It’s already premiered, Friday evening US time. It seems the site let you watch it online even earlier, but in any case now you can stream it whenever.

If you’re not overseas, that is. Whose brilliant fucking idea was THAT???

If I remember correctly the original was a piece of inantile shit with Lorne Green as one of the stars.

If this is/was the case, is the current version any better?

Battlestar Ponderosa




Er…ok, so I’ve only seen clips of the original. Looked cheesy though perhaps nonetheless engaging, it had and has a following.

BUT, though maybe I’m not the best person to testify for the new vs. old, I CAN say that the new BSG is one of the best shows, if not THE best show, I have ever seen.

Let me clarify: this is the SEASON premiere I am talking about, not the series premiere. The show has already had three seasons, and this is the fourth and last. The finale of season three was MIND-BLOWING, so I’m kind of twitching over here knowing that the fourth season premiere is out there but I can’t watch it. =P

But yeah, so, uh, proxy servers. Anybody got an idea that would help me?

I’d like to help but I have a feeling this would run counter to the rules of the SDMB. I’m sure there’s a few US laws lurking around there somewhere which would apply to evading content restrictions on copyright material.

Any mod ruling on this?

Or, you could email or PM the OP with the solution.

Actually, I don’t know for sure if there are legal ways to do this or not. I am however going to close this as a precaution. Anyone who can make a case for a legal way to do this should e-mail me.

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