Please recommend a nutrition tracking site/software


Must haves:
[li]Allow entry of food eaten by weight[/li][li]Allow entry of “my” recipes /combinations - so I could program “troubledwater’s oatmeal” that will include oatmeal, milk, and brown sugar, and not force me to input those items as three separate entries[/li][li]Running tally of daily nutrient intake for both macro- and micronutrients[/li][/ul]

Nice to have :
Running tally of where daily intake stands with respect to recommended intakes and/or my goals

Don’t care:
mobile app, social features, tracking calories expended through fitness activities

I used to use Fitday, but tired of having to enter everything separately.
Just looked at MyFitnessPal, but it apparently uses random unit sizes, and weight isn’t always available as an option. I don’t know how many raw carrot sticks are in a cup and can’t be bothered to find out, I want to just use weight. I don’t know if my idea of a small head of cauliflower matches someone else’s, and I don’t want to add a ruler to my kitchen tools.

So, suggestions?

In the nutrition tracker there are items that come from their own database, and these can always be tracked by gram. Some items are entered by users of the site that those often can’t be tracked by weight.

You can assemble and import your own recipes using their sister site

The nutrition tracker automatically shows you macronutrients, but you can customize it to display a dizzying array of micronutrients. As with tracking by weight, you will fare better using entries from their database rather than data entered by users, who usually skip the micronutrients.

You can set your own weight loss goal, and it will calculate your optimum daily range of nutrients. The nutritrion tracker shows you how you’re measuring up.

And even though you don’t care, there are mobile apps, message boards, and exercise tracking too.

Thanks Sattua. I have seen Sparkpeople recommended on this board before, but the focus was usually calorie counting and support, so I wasn’t sure about the other features.

Weird that grams is always an option, and ounces isn’t (it is sometimes, but not always) - but I can do math, and have a metric setting on my scale, so that is doable.

Yesterday I input my foods (not too painful), successfully added some groupings (which took care of my multiple entry issue), and added nutritional info for an item that wasn’t in the database. I also see it is going to be easy to copy selected foods from one day to another, perfect for a monotonous/repetitive eater such as myself.

I like the customizable nutrient tracker.

Hm, looks like I have 10x my Vitamin A, 0% Vitamin D. See, now I can make plans!

Heck, I might even shell out for the phone app.

Thanks. I really didn’t want to register for a dozen sites to try to find what I needed.