What is the best (free) nutrition/calorie tracking site?

I’ve messed around a bit with Livestrong and Fitday. Livestrong seems clunky (can’t enter more than one serving at a time?). Fitday seems OK, but I’m wondering if there is anything better.



I hope it’s OK if I piggyback on this to ask if anyone knows a site that uses kilojoules.

As for the original question, I use Sparkpeople.

I recommend Sparkpeople. There’s a learning curve involved, but they’ll set your calorie range based on a wider range of information than most websites, and they provide a nutrition tracker that shows the nutrients you’re interested in.

One of the things I didn’t like about MyPlate (part of Livestrong) was that a lot of their foods came from a common database edited by users. This is cool if you are just counting calories, but it didn’t dawn on me until a few weeks in that I wasn’t actually only eating 2mg of sodium a day - just that no one had bothered to put in anything but calories for a lot of the foods I chose.

I used to use FitDay long ago, not sure if their database is “crowd sourced” as well or what.

Anyway, if you’re interested in numbers beyond calories, make sure you pay attention to that too when choosing a tracker.

My wife has been using My Fitness Pal for a couple of years with great success.

SparkPeople. I’ve used quite a few, and SparkPeople is definitely my favorite. It’s easy to use, has a good selection of features, has a good community if you need to reach out, has an easy-on-the-eyes design, and has the best mobile apps I’ve seen.

MyFitnessPal is good too, but my experience is that most tasks take a click or two more.

I still use Livestrong, because it seems to have the broadest food selection, so I don’t have to input stuff. It just takes too much time, and my diet is too varied to make this worth it for me. I tried SparkPeople but couldn’t make it work for this reason.

I do agree that sodium levels tend to be off there, but the stuff I care about (calories, carbs, protein, fat) are pretty accurate, and finding anything that has a known calorie count that doesn’t exist in the database is really quite rare these days.

Multiple servings is clunkier than it needs to be, I agree (add a food, then, change the serving size). The iPad app is much better in this regard, and is a lot quicker to input stuff.

I use SparkPeople. There is user-ented nutritional content, but there is also a database of standard nutritional content. The site alerts you when you are about to use user-ented data.

The interface has a very short learning curve. It also has a fitness tracker for entering your workout data.