Please recommend IT headhunters in Chicago

Well it appears I’m out of a job.
Sigh :frowning:

I’m doing my best to network and so far I’ve got a few leads but in this job environment I think I need to be aggressive in my search.

Can anyone recommend good IT headhunters in Chicago?
Any you’ve had a good experience with?
Any you’d avoid?

Any where else I should be looking? I’ve tried Career Path in the past with very little luck. Monster has not been good to me in the past as well. Are there other options?

Depending on your exact skillset, and level of experience it may not be that bad. By the anecdotal measure of the Wolfman-unsolictited-recruiter-email index things are pretty good right now, much better than the last five years.
There does seem to be recent skewing toward the pure-geek skills like programming, DBA, architect and away from the semi-geek skills like techwriter, project manager and tester though.
My group(not in Chicago) has ten open reqs for Java programmers((low-to-medium pay) right now, for a second point of anecdote.

Unfortunately my experience of late has been in PM and people management.
I don’t think I could run with the pack in a programming position any more.

Try here —>

Search under the 2210 job series.


There are no good IT recruiters.

I prefer the term “nerd wrangler”.

So other than Duckster no on e has nay good recruiters?

Zoid - you have a PM.

Thank you Missy2U!

Work LinkedIn like a madman. Hire a pro to re-write your resume with the right keywords, post on Monster. You’ll get hunted.

I PM’ed this, but in case anyone else is reading,, according to my wife, is great for technology jobs.