Please sell me on Google Wave

First off, no, I’m not going to watch the 14-hour instructional video. That’s just ridiculous. (Has anyone actually watched the whole thing without being paid to do so?)

As far as I can tell so far, it’s nothing more than IM, email, and Google docs all on the same page. Hardly revolutionary. What am I missing?

If I have 5 people editing one “wave” (that’s :rolleyes: for “document”), can I broadcast an announcement to them, in such a way that it displays in front of their eyes, rather than only if they happen to be looking at the bottom of the document?

We’re working on the FAQ for our new subscription service, and we need to be able to “chat” while we work on the document. Must we actually scroll to the bottom of the document to chat? or can we do a parallel chat? Or do we need to chat in Yahoo while we edit in Google? If so, that’s retarded. Any help much appreciated.

It seems you’ve already decided how much you’re interested in Google Wave. Do some homework first pipsqueek if you actually want to use it. Convince me you want it.

And why in the world would you have to use a secondary IM program to chat with people? Just open a new wave. :rolleyes:

Or better yet, in addition to your homework, why not give me your e-mail address and I’ll send you an invite. That way you can see how much it sucks/rules for yourself without making any huge pitiful assumptions. Or is that too practical?

WTF? Did you give episiotomied vaginal birth to GW after 48 hours of labor? Can’t imagine why else you’d react in such a personally wounded way, with name calling and sarcasm and everything.

I already have it. Everyone in my office has it. None of us has time to watch the 90 minute training video. That’s just insane. There should be a series of 5 minute videos, graduating in depth and complexity.

All of us have given it a go and abandoned it as apparently not worth the effort. I’ve taken it upon myself to get some personal testimonials on why it might be worthwhile. Thanks for taking that as a kick in the balls. I return to you your :rolleyes:

also, I “pinged” another user, and now I can’t delete the pings. Suggestions?

subscribing in hopes that someone will have personal experience to impart

I got an invite and set it up and I’ve all but forgotten about it since it just seems “meh” to me. I’m sure I’m missing something.

I’ve been using it this evening with a friend to try to work out WTF it’s useful for.

Best use of the tool so far - she’s just given birth to twins, and wrote “I have babies”, which I edited to read “I have rabies”.

Apart from that, I am completely baffled as to its utility or its potential. Call me a pipsqueak if you like, but I can’t see anything that would make this better than a shared whiteboard app and an IM program.

I’ve issued you a warning for being a jerk in this thread. You are unnecessarily rude and insulting to someone who asked a simple question.

twickster, MPSIMS moderator

Okay, so I’m starting to come around on this thing…

So I opened a new wave so I can chat and edit at the same time. When I did so, the first wave disappeared. Is it true that you can’t have two waves up at the same time? That’s insane. You can have as many chats open in Yahoo, for example, as you want. How is this wave thing a step forward? Is this just way, way, way pre-beta version?

I have two waves open at the moment, not sure what you’re doing differently.

Ok, open up a wave, then minimise it using the “-” button on the top right corner. That minimises the wave and puts it at the top left corner of the page. Now open another wave and then maximise the first wave. You should now have two waves open. I agree it should be easier than that.

If you subsequently minimise the “inbox” your two waves should appear side by side. This might depend on how big your browser window is.

Also, I remember there being a series of short tutorials, I’ll see if I can find them.

It’s free. What else do you want? :rolleyes:

It is not a social networking tool. It is an office virtual meeting space.

I have been playing with Wave for a few weeks now. I like it.
I call it a “mini-Facebook” of sorts, but far better and easier:

I have two old friends and the three of us started a magazine together in Berlin 30 years ago! One now lives in DC and the other is still in Berlin - we have a Wave going for just the three of us. Have posted some family pictures, a video, some graphic art - plus whenever possible, we are on at the same time and can chat live, but due to the time difference, can catch up on the conversation whenever time allows. As it is just the three of us, don’t have to worry about what we say that might not be appropriate for other prying eyes.

Have another Wave going with my brother and my niece and my cousin - just talking about Christmas, posting some holiday photos and general chit-chat.

Have a couple of other Waves with other esoteric groups.

I guess you could say it is like conference calls - but again - you can pick and choose who is invited to join in the call and as one Wave dies out, you can start another and add whomever you wish to start in that conversation.

I am looking forward to the translation feature (Rosy Etta) so that some friends in Germany who don’t speak English can join in - with this feature, they can type and read the Wave in German and other friends can type and read the Wave in English. The translation is done using Google Translate and, although not perfect, it is decent enough to keep conversation flowing.

I hate Facebook and even though you can go in and select who sees what and who is your friend, etc. it is just too “out there” for everyone to see and snoop around. It is not that I have great secrets, but I have topics I prefer to discuss with some friends and not necessarily have students and family members popping in to read as well.

Wave might take some time before everyone uses it, but so far, I like it - sort of also like a mini-SDMB with Wave topics started at random and just a certain group putting in their two cents for as long as that topic is relevant.

  1. Ideal for small or large groups who want to keep in touch, or just discuss some upcoming event.
  2. No “main page” of personal data out there for others to pick through and use in other ways.
  3. You can upload photos, video, graphics, etc. for that particular group to see and comment upon.
  4. You can schedule meeting times and have a live conversation with many people, with all the bells and whistles - for a business meeting, or planning a surprise birthday party or whatever.
  5. It is surprisingly easy to use - forget the tutorials and just get into one Wave and start to see how it works. Really not hard to figure out at all.
  6. Despite the ability to have hundreds or thousands join in a Wave, you still have the privacy factor to keep a Wave private from others.

Forget all the comparisons to social stuff. Think of it like this…

Have you ever used email, and CC’d or forwarded to to multiple people that you want to stay in on the conversation? Then, someone replies to you, but doesn’t “Reply All,” and you end up with 4 or 5 different conversations going on, and people are making the same point over and over and over again?

This prevents that from happening, and upgrades email in various other ways. Email is basically Letter-mail in digital format. This is a step forward from that. It’s a centrally located onversation.

We already have that–you’re using it right now.

I mean, I get the idea of collaborative work on a document. I really, really wanted to use this back in school when we worked on projects together, so we didn’t have to rely on each other’s schedule to be clear to meet up in person.

I don’t get using it in a social context, as many other, better alternatives exist. But then again, people form communities on wikis, which have a lot of similarities, at least in concept.