A Quick Favor From the Community: Google Wave

If any of you guys have access to it or are authorized to send out invites, I’d appreciate one.


Sure, if we are just asking for handouts, I would like an invite too.

Same here.

I’d also like a Ferrari, but I appreciate how that might not be possible.

The Google what now?


From the demo link (Sun Times), it looks like a really cool new way of communication. I can see how this would change SDMB, as well as make my life easier as a teacher and save myself from having to schlep to the school to participate in a lot of boring meetings, and thinking about what I should have said after the meeting is over. I am already thinking of other ways to use this they didn’t bring up in the demo.

So far, I am impressed.

About getting that invite…[DMark frantically waves for Wave]

I’d like one too please!

It’s an interesting synthesis of e-mail, Gchat, and their Google Documents all rolled up in one program.

I’ll take one too. :slight_smile:

I as well.

I’d trade all of your GWave invites for a GVoice invite.

I’d want a Wave invitation too… Sounds like the invites are rare at this point, though. The Christian Science Monitor says they’re being sold on eBay.

Add me to the list of moochers wanting an invite for no good reason.

I signed up months ago when I first heard of it, but no love from Google yet. I got Google Voice in very quickly, but I’d much rather have me some Wave.

It doesn’t appear that many are actually being sold on Ebay. Maybe that’s a good thing.

Same here.

I got a “Bugger off, Canuck” on the Google Voice ask without too much delay, but not even that for Google Wave.

I’ll see if I can spare any of mine or if they are claimed by my friends.

Anyone tried it? I think it has so much potential but needs userbase to to suceed. It works pretty good for me both in Chrome and Firefox.

I’ve been lurking in the shadows here for sometime now so I figure I owe y’all one–make that four–invites. Those are all I can spare at the moment.
Happy waving!

Go sign up for it. Hubby did that about a month ago, and got an invite within a week.

Me tooooo! :: puppy eyes ::