PLEASE shut up already!!!

To the coworker sitting across the aisle from me – SHUT UP!! PLEASE!! I BEG YOU!!!

Ever since I pointed out you issued a loan without a signed master application, you’ve been harping on the fact that it COULDN’T have been your fault – you check these things EVERY TIME. Someone else must have changed the notice on the system. Plus we don’t show any record of a signature being received – but you checked, so you know we have one.

OK. Maybe you’re right. But maybe you DID make a mistake. It’s easily corrected – just get a new signature. Meanwhile, Stop whining, and just shut up!!!

PS: Did I mention your voice (whiny, high pitched, childish) drives me crazy?

Just smack the bastard upside the head. It always works for me.

Lovely thought, SPOOFE, but:

  1. She’s a favorite with my boss.

  2. She could take me in a fight – fair or foul.

  3. I’m a confirmed coward.

I think I’ll bring a pair of earplugs to work and see how that turns out. It helps with Spouse’s “chortling” (I call it snoring, but it’s more like dinosaurs-in-heat-driving-heavy-machinery-through-an-artillary-barrage) so it would probably cut the whine to a dull roar.

Give her the old Chris Jericho treatment. When she starts whining, just say, “Would you please shut…the hell…up!” and then glare at her. Guaranteed by absolutely no one to work, but you’ll feel better.