Please stop posting-you are giving me TMI!!!

This is making me nuts! I go on the dope to read a little and I come across a story that I just heard last week. I keep reading and other details fall into place-this is starting to sound like the business acquaintance I had a meeting with. Now we know each other fairly well but are not what you would call friends so I did what anybody else would do and checked the poster’s profile, which was no help. I then searched through this poster’s prior posts (mostly to see if I was mentioned :wink: ) and found more and more corroborating info. Now what do I do? I have way, way TMI on this person in regards to sex life, personal grooming, etc. How am I supposed to interact on a professional level? Do I have to stop reading here to avoid any of his/her posts?
Damn, Damn, Damn
(Admittedly lame rant-but I have trouble swearing)

In the words of the great Drew Carey, should I lob this to someone else or just spike it myself?

Nope. It’s leverage.

One word: Raise

Thank you, folks. Join us next week for another episode of “Mass Confusion Theater”.

I WISH this person had some control over my salary, but unfortunately it is a business associate only. Now I am afraid he/she will recognize me and search my posts! I already went through this once with my (IRL) sister who knew my user name but would not tell me hers. Luckily, I figured it out so now we have a mutually assured detruction policy :smiley: . But aside from her, this has been a place where I can rant-now I have to watch what I say :frowning: . I am NOT happy, NOT happy at all!

psycho, don’t worry about it. Say whatever you want, I won’t tell anyone else your secrets. I’m planning on quitting soon anyways.

Eh, you could try growing up a bit. People do have personal lives, you know - yes, even your coworkers! :eek: Do you think you can handle it?

Um, in my extremely humble opinion, anything that is posted on a PUBLIC messageboard is there for ANYONE to see, and that includes business associates etc. You recognized him/her and that is his/her bad luck…it’s a risk you take when posting.

Maybe this person WANTS you to know about his/her sordid innermost feelings :smiley:

Oh my lord, are you Darlene, from Accounting?!?

I was just kidding about the toothbrush, I swear!!!

I feel your pain, psycho (and apparently I’m the only one).

The main attraction to message boards is anonymity and the ability to say stuff without changing the “real world”. Like, it would bother me if everyone I worked with starting logging on to this site, because then I wouldn’t be able to vent anymore. I mean, if I wanted Gypsy Girl to know how I really felt about her, I would have TOLD her personally!

My sister lurks on this site because I invited her. However, sometimes I wish I hadn’t. So if you’re immature, so am I.

:: Splort ::



Yeah, and it wasn’t me that kept plugging up the toilet at my last job. Honest!

Like, are you from California?

(I spent a lot of effort removing extraneous “likes” from my speech and I thought it was to cute not to comment on someone putting it in writing!)

Hehehe. No, I’m from the South.

Like, I like “likes”, okay? Lemme alone! :slight_smile:

Sure I can. BTW-you are aware that it’s you I’m talking about. Now feel free to keep posting whatever you want knowing that I can mention it to your boss etc (including all those lovely rants about your boss-I know he’d LOVE to hear those epithets you used). :wink:
Meanwhile, I am going to continue to feel entitled to whine that I can’t post with my usual abandon knowing that anything I say can and will be used against me.

I’m wondering how Myrnalene figured out you were talking about her, psychobunny. That’s spooooooky.

I’m betting those water cooler discussions are going to be a little bit awkward from now on.

Off your lithium again, dear?

Maybe one or both of youse can get your username changed and slip back into anonymity. The SDMB is big enough for everyone to coexist. And plus, you have to see each other IRL. There’s no sense in making your internet AND real-life worlds more difficult than they have to be.

Don’t you just love it when worlds collide? :slight_smile:

Psst, monstro. psychobunny does not know me. He/she is trying to be clever. Even if I did know him/her IRL it would be OK, see, since I don’t freak out when I learn that the people that I work with have actual genitalia instead of smooth plastic Ken-doll parts.

Well, she’s confusing me! She didn’t have the right smilies in her text so how was I supposed to know!

(you’re a female. right psychobunny?)

The people I work with have smooth plastic Ken-doll parts and they don’t go to the bathroom. In that way, they’re just like my parents.

So let me get this straight.

You think you know someone based on a post. Not a friend, but a co-worker. So rather than ask them if they use this place, or just keep it in mind, you make a conscious effort to search up all of their posts, including sexual and grooming posts, voluntarily read them (all to see if you are mentioned, of course) and are embarrassed about what that person posts, even though nothing is apparently about you. (Of course while doing this, you have NO idea that if it truly IS the person you think it is, that you will be embarrassed by anything). Then you announce all of this, and are apparantly bothered by the fact that this person may now know who you are, so now you can’t post what you want?

Maybe if you would have satisfied your curiousity by an IRL question before searching all posts, you wouldn’t know all the information you do, and wouldn’t have a “problem” with your current knowledge.

Maybe, when searching for this persons posts, if you had only read the stuff where “you may have been mentioned” or things that may confirm the identity that you desparately seeked, rather than sexual and grooming posts by that person (since you’d know if you would be mentioned in a sex thread), you wouldn’t have a “problem” with your current knowledge.

Maybe, had you not announced your embarrassment about what OTHER people write that doesn’t concern you personally, as well as apparently your identity, you would have been able to continue posting whatever you felt like with full anonymity, as well as being able to avoid reading what that person posts, since they embarrass you so much. (You know, look at the posters name on the left in a thread and bypass it).

I’m failing to see where anyone is to blame besides yourself. If you think you might be afraid of the answer, don’t ask scary questions and if you think you might be scared of dead bodies, don’t dig in a graveyard, and if you don’t want people to know who you are, don’t wear a nametag.