Please Tell Me What To Do

The telly is broken. It’s raining. I can’t do anything strenuous (I am due to give birth in 3 weeks!). The flat is clean. I can’t drink. I have read the whole internet. For the love of GOD suggest something I can do.

Make some new internet.

Sleep. Now, while you still can.

I was going to suggest “Pee every 12 minutes”, but I suspect she’s already doing that.

Ummm…read a book? One that has nothing at all to do with babies? Might be your last chance for a while…

I’m fed up with fucking resting! I’m all rested out!

Do you knit?

Online shopping for Christmas?

Download a F2P on-line video game? You can unleash Rage and Mayhem…
…and still pee every 12 minutes.

No, I do not knit.

Christmas shopping? Spending money? Now? No. No one’s getting a damn thing for Christmas off me :smiley:

Crossword? Play some flash games?

Masturbate furiously.

Oh, you’re close. You’re so close. Three weeks, p’shaw. I’ve got 2 more days on the Francesca’s Delivery Date pool…

*ducks as **Francesca *throws something heavy across the ocean towards Chicago

Do you have a camera- even a still camera that can take short clips?

Do the one hour movie challenge. You have one hour to make a movie. It doesn’t have to be good. Go!

Or you could get some cleaning done.

Or do some yoga.


Everything is clean. Everything.

I have no means to make a movie, unfortunately.

Not in the mood for yoga.

I’m very sorry. Well, in that case, stay here and play with us. Here’s a drink – oh wait. Um, we can just talk.


Make me a chicken pot pie.

Take pictures of how clean it all is now, because once the baby comes, it never will be as clean again.

Cook. Cook things that freeze well. Cook lots of them. Freeze them.

Oh, sure, come in here with a *helpful *suggestion, why don’t you?

That’s a really good one. Soups, stews, chili, casseroles, lasagna, etc. all freeze really well. I like to make shredded chicken “chimichangas” and bake ‘em with a spray of cooking oil on top. It makes them nice and crispy, and then I freeze them on a baking sheet and then put them into a ziptop plastic bag for better-then-supermarket frozen chimis. Here’s “my” recipe (actually Weight Watchers’, but I stole it fair and square.)

You can also make your own “TV dinners” by simply cooking up a regular meal, placing individual portions in a container and freezing them. I save those aluminum to-go containers for this, because I like to heat them in the oven, but if you like your microwave, microwave safe plastic containers will do.

Heck, you can even freeze cooked rice! I know it doesn’t seem like that much effort to cook rice at dinnertime, but trust me, one less pot on the stove in four months is going to seem like a brilliant idea. I cook rice and then put it in quart sized ziptop bags, enough for one meal for us. Then, again, I lie them flat on a cookie sheet to freeze, so that they stack well without taking up too much space. A short zap in the microwave heats them perfectly when it’s time to eat.