Congratulations! Now off to bed with you... Entertainment required please

A mix of good news and not so good news really.

We’ve fallen pregnant again.

However, due to all the previous problems I’ve been ordered to bed for the next two months - at least. It could be longer, but Dr said for at least the next two months.

I can get out of bed to pee and make a cuppa. No heavy cooking, no walking the dog, not to be on my feet for more than a few minutes at a time, no shopping, no work, no leaving the house for any reason non-medical.

My boss was quite supportive and said not to worry about my job. It will be there for whenever I can get back. This is good considering I’m just a temp. She says I’ve become way too valuable to just let get away. :slight_smile: Awww.

So, hubby has got me all sorts of computer and console games to play. I’ve videos galore. A pile of criss-cross books are beside the bed. Art supplies are easily accessible.


What am I gonna do for the next 2 months?? I’m stressed and worried about annoying the bejeezus out of the hubby. I know he’s not going to be thrilled next week when he hears, “Honey, I’m bored…”

Suggestions highly appreciated please.

Ta muchly :slight_smile:

I passed my bedrest mostly through reading and sewing :slight_smile: I have been hoarding books for when I end up back on bedrest.

I say have hubby set you up on a comfy hammock in the yard so you can have a change of scenery every so often to help alleviate the boredom!

Good luck and congrats!

First, congrats!

And second, you’re still allowed to use the computer? You mean you can lie there and surf the web all day or night, or better yet, haunt all of us here in SDMB and quadruple your post count in two months?

Sounds like heaven to me. :smiley:

And congrats to your boss for being such a great boss, too!!

Congratulations, Washte. I second the idea of web-surfing!

Congratulations from my wife and I. You take care of yourself. It’s good to know that your job will be waiting whenever you can get back to it; one less thing to occupy your mind.

If there’s anything you want from the US, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. What kind of games are you into? I’ve got a pile of World of Puzzles magazines that I haven’t had time to work on.

Bedrest - the word sounds so … restful. But it’s actually so boring that you want to tear your hair out. So here’s a happy list of do’s and don’ts.

-start keeping a pregnancy journal, boring stuff and all.
-READ READ READ - once munchkin arrives, that will be put aside. And the more escapist the better.
-something different every day. Work at it - try to come up with something unusual to do, no matter how trivial. Do little hair braids all over your head or paint the puppy’s toenails, or read Anna Karennina like you always promised you would.

-start watching soap operas - or those silly court shows. If you have to watch TV, make it How-To shows or History.
-overdo anything
-wear the same bedclothes everyday - it helps break up the monatony

Have fun! - I’m sending happy-baby-vibes to you!

Congrats!! You could organize your coupons/bills/important documents, start a journal of your thoughts about your baby-to-be, learn a different language from tapes, catch up on the greatest literature ever written…

Or, just read the tabloids and surf the web. :smiley:

Hang in there!

Thank you everyone for the many happy congratulations.

The hammock idea is fantastic tanookie, even though it’s chucking down with rain at the mo. Having a change of scenery and fresh air would be a very good thing.

For those of you who suggested surfing at all hours… Kal cried at that suggestion. Having only the one internet connection means he would lose out on his precious surfing time. He’ll just have to learn to share :slight_smile:

Puzzle books are wonderful Lurky. The only types I’m not keen on are cross-words and logic puzzles. For some reason they do my head in. I’ve 4-5 word searches and other puzzle books here ready. Can’t think of anything at the moment that I’m craving from the States. At the moment it’s just coconut and chicken. Who knows what else is to come… :smiley:

Laughed out loud at painting the puppy’s nails DeVena! What a great idea! I love braiding hair as well. Perhaps the hubby will have corn rows by the weekend… :smiley:

Luckily I’m one to watch soaps. They do my head in. Besides, watching tv all the time turns my brain to mush. Often I’ll have it on the classic music channel (Golly I must be old if all the music I love is on the classic channel). Absolutely love the cooking channel and Discovery (animal and science). Definitely a documentary type of gal.

Blonde, the idea to organise is a very good one. Methinks now is the time to organise all my recipes and cookbooks/recipe mags.

May send the hubby to the library for language tapes and lots of books. Love to read, so now that the time is mine I can read whatever my little ol’ heart desires :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone for the great ideas.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

I’d suggest learning a craft or skill you can use from the bed. Get a couple of projects going where you can feel like you are accomplishing something and not just lying there. Then, years from now, you’ll be able to say, “You’re sleeping under the quilt your mommy made while she was pregnant,” or some such.

Or, alternatively, you could learn something from books- how to speak Esperanto, write poetry, write a novel, how to manage your stock portfolio…

I think, if I were in this position, I would be a lot less frustrated if I was achieving something while bedbound.

Consider, if finances allow, buying a second computer and networking it (just a cheapo one, you can get an old 486 for free most likely if you take it off somones hands) it would be fine for journal writing, playing some oldie-but-goodie games and for gentle websurfing.

Another computer-thing you can do is to learn HTML and make a webpage. Think of somehting you like or know a lot about and make a website for it. Maybe even a mommy-to-be journal online or whatever. It is easy enough to do, but offers almost unlimited expansion possibilities that should keep you amused for more than 2 months :slight_smile:

Take up knitting or crocheting! Put an audio book on on the background (or a good movie on the tv) and you have something to occupy you for hours at a time.

Archergal, who just finished knitting her most recent pair of socks last night.

We do have an old computer in the other room. Some old dinosaur that was top of the range in '96… Not only could it be used for gaming, but keeping me out of the hubby’s hair for a while during the day…

Unfortunately, Archergal I’ve no idea how to knit or chrochet. Both are things I’ve always wanted to do. I’d love to make a few blankies, booties (for myself as well) or even a hat :slight_smile: Good Idea!

something i found very cool to aleviate boredom Washte was making chainmail. this is no joke! i’m now getting quite good at it, and there’s always something interesting to make. for example, one project i still have to do over summer is make my friend a chainmail bra, which is gonna be a helluva lot of small links, but it’ll keep me occupied…

::wonders how he just rambled that much::

something i found very cool to aleviate boredom Washte was making chainmail. this is no joke! i’m now getting quite good at it, and there’s always something interesting to make. for example, one project i still have to do over summer is make my friend a chainmail bra, which is gonna be a helluva lot of small links, but it’ll keep me occupied…

::wonders how he just rambled that much::

and congrats too! :smiley:

::also wonders how it double posted?::

I just wanted to tell you that I’m incredibly happy for you. Congratulations!

I don’t have much in the way of entertainment suggestions, though. Maybe you could hire a knitting teacher to come by once a week for a few weeks to help you with the basics? I bet there’s someone at a local yarn shop who would be happy to do that.

What are you using for your chainmail Plankspanker? We have a collection of weaponry and chainmail would fit the decor brilliantly.

Chainmail bra, eh? Matching knickers as well? :wink:

A knitting coach sounds a great idea C3. I’ll ring some of the shops or even look online to see if anyone here in town does this. Thanks for the congrats. Best to you and your hubby as well. :slight_smile:

Learning to crochet is pretty easily self-taught; I taught myself quite easily. I then moved on to knitting, but did need a bit of coaching from an expert knitter . But you can pick up most of the basics yourself. If you have a friend who’s a knitter or crocheter, they might be willing to help you, too. Have a wonderful time making all those darling baby things – I went through a spell of knitting baby stuff a couple years ago when it seemed like every coworker I had was having a baby, and I cannot tell you how much fun it was!!!

Congrats to you guys! :slight_smile:

Chainmail knitting is pretty easy, but you will get blisters - just a warning.
(Mind you, We were making stuff to actually be worn on the battlefield, so they were pretty heavy duty links.
I can find out where we got our rings from if you like, but bear in mind these things were about 4 mil, and took a pair of plyers in either hand to link together, they were also greasy oily ick, so bed might not be the best place to do it.)

Puzzle magazines and books are good. I tend to do a lot of cross-stich when I’m laid up in bed due to my back. Get yourself a starter kit and see how you get on with it. You’ll be amazed how quickly you get into it and how it passes the time.

How about trying to learn something? you said you got an old 'puter layign around. Why not try to learn how to create your own website - you could post a diary of your pregnancy (or that piccy of Kal you’ve been promising to show me! hee!), or learn to write a simple game is C++

Write a book, or take up painting, make squidgey soft toys for the dog, dunno, the list is almost endless!

You take care though!


I second the cross stich idea. That was going to me my suggestion when I opened this thread…really.

You can get very cute small cross stich kits. It is really easy and it shouldn’t take you any time to get the hang of it. If you enjoy it you can always move up to something more like this…