Plummet downwards for sure.....

This is probably a pointless question, but is anyone here interested in the Rugby World Cup Final?? It’s played tomorrow morning at 9am CST, and myself and a couple of fellow europeans want to go to a bar, anywhere in the Chicago area, to watch it. The problem is, it’s not much fun to sit in a practically empty bar, no atmosphere. So, does anyone know of any bars where there are likely to be a significant grouping of viewers? (My rugby team are all Americans and don’t seem to care (for the 9am start probably)).
One constructive reply will leave me aghast.

(Stealing from the “why the restaurant on the moon folded” joke) No atmosphere? Be sure to take along some compressed air!! :slight_smile:

message to self: no rugby fans here

I’d suggest one of Chicago’s numerous Irish bars. They’d probably be more into rugby than the myriad of college football games that will probably be on in most of the other bars.

“My hovercraft is full of eels.”

Wusses! Out here on the west coast we routinely have to get up at the crack of dawn to watch televised European games. I dream of 9am starts.

If you read this in time, try Fast Eddie’s, on Northwest Hwy near Bryn Mawr. It’s the home of the Chicago Celtic Supporters Club, so you may find some interested Europeans there.