pluto: do you dislike me for some reason?

In SaxFace’s Road Trip thread in MPSIMS, pluto posted the following:

And in the Hags of the SDMB thread, pluto posted this:

Is there any reason for this? Or are you just stuck in the third grade, and feel the best way to draw attention to yourself is to make up oh-so-clever renditions of people’s handles? Have a problem with remembering it? Try reading past posts.

I do apologize if I’m making a mountain out of a mole hill, but if you’ve got a problem with me, I’d really like to know what it is.

Holy shit. Swimming Riddles is starting a pit thread?

opens bottle of Jack Daniels an pours a double

What IS the world coming to. Still, I have to see where this leads!

As has been said before:

“Someone’s got a cru-ush. Someone’s got a cru-ush.”

If Pluto starts trying to snap your bra straps, then I think it’s safe to say he has a crush on you.

I am going with a vote of crush/childish humor/random dislike in a 60/25/15 ratio.

And, what’s next? A pit thread by Girlbysea or tinycow?

awwwww. how cuuuuuute. go gettim girl! show da man what your made of! :slight_smile:

sic 'em SwimmingRiddles :mad:

Boys! BOYS! You STOP TEASING SwimmingRiddles!

It’s just NOT nice. And besides, she has a mean kick.

They’ve got a point, though, Swiddles. The example posts cited in the OP show all the signs of the classic pluto crush.

Sssshhhhhhh, Mullinator ! Don’t let tinycow hear you say that. Tinycow has posted in the pit only once that I am aware of. She scares me when she flames, she seemed to enjoy it a little too much.