You and the Pit

Do you ever check the Pit looking for a thread called:

Hey (your name), get in here, you (insert vile name)!!!

Every once in a while, after I’ve made a potentially inflammatory post (like today’s outburst toward Danimal in the boycott thread here) I check over there with half an eye looking for my name in a thread title.

But, it hasn’t happened yet.

What about anyone else?

Are you kidding? That would be the highlight of my SD existence!

I do after any night of serious drinking and involving blank spots in the old memory.

I check it constantly. I live in mortal dread of the Teeming Millions banding together to excoriate me.

Hell, I hust search on my name to see if anybody has said anything to me.

It’s a damn short list.

I’m not the only one!

(Of course, I do check the Pit for other reasons, but still… I do think there’s a thread there with my name on it waiting for me.)

Shit, I think it’s happened to me twice now. No big deal, really. It’s usually some deluded asshole who got the wrong idea.

Yes, and all I can say is I’m damn disappointed! I don’t know what it’s going to take, but I’ve gone after a few of you bastards, and not a one of you has rewarded me!

Screw you guys.

One would think Democritus would return the favor you paid in “Democritus: Pucker up, Ass slammer!”

A classic post for flames. 10.0

Well, if you’re going to do this, at least you picked a good name.

Not a stupid moniker like DRY, which makes searching impossible (endless rererences to dry cleaning, dry heaves, and, worst of all, dry spells).

Part of my morning ritual is to do a search on my user name, to see if anyone either quoted me or mentioned me in a thread (this is just a part of my attention-whore persona). I’ve yet to see a spontaneously calling out of myself in the Pit. Which I have been thinking about lately. Am I doing something wrong? Why doesn’t anybody hate me?
No, I don’t really want anyone to dislike me, what’s a poor attention-whore to do? But I was thinking that I must not be expressing myself to the fullest if at least one other poster disagrees with me so vehemently that I get called out.
I don’t even know if I’d welcome it, especially if I had to support a point I made, I’m much better at childish insults.

Personally, I try to avoid the Pit as much as possible.

Hell, I get excited if someone responds to me in a topic that I’ve posted to. I think I fly to far below the radar to actually be recognized as pittable.

Ha, John.

Sadly, I have never been the target of a full frontal Pit assault. Lexicon came close to firing up the burner when he took issue with my strong words against customer service reps, but he wasn’t trying to call me out exclusively. Oh well, I’ll just keep waiting…

I have had a few knock-down dragouts with folks here, but I have yet to have a Pit thread named for me, although I think I would thrive on the notoriety.

As a matter of fact, Montfort, I checked the Pit about 4 times during our little spat yesterday, to see if you or Robin were flaming me over there. If I’ve made an enemy, I want to know about it.

The last thing you said over on the boycott thread was a conditional apology and an announcement of your intent to reread the thread. Are we agreed now that this was all just an unfortunate misunderstanding?

Yeah, it was. I don’t agree with your views about communism, but certainly not enough to flame you for it.

Again, sorry.

I’m with bumbazine. I search to see if anybody has said anything at, to, or about me ANYwhere. I guess I’m just a masochist!

And bumba, smooches right back atya from the other thread! :slight_smile:

I was mentioned in there once. I defended myself well.

Otherwise, I just try to keep from sinking back into the pit of the common posters…

Montfort: Apology accepted. Consider it forgotten. :slight_smile: