Pocket Watches

I have an old (my great-grandfather’s) pocket watch. I would like to put it to use, but I don’t have a clue how to wear one. So that I don’t end up looking like a fashion impaired reject (which I mostly am), does anyone know the proper way to wear a pocket watch with a suit?


In the days of my youth a pocket watch was placed in the lower right[orleft,if you were a southpaw]vest pocket.

The watch chain was passed through the second-from -the -bottom vest button hole and the pen knife,or whatever, that was on the end of the chain was placed it the opposite vest pocket.

In those days there were no vest-less suits,so I don’t know what you’d do in a two-piece job.

The styles vary. What kind of chain does it have? There’s the kind that clips to your belt, and there are also some that come down to just a fob that you tuck into a vest pocket. Most likely you’ll want to wear the watch with a vest so that the chain will show even when you’re not using it.

I have a pocket watch. I took off the chain and use a keyring to attach it to my belt just above my pocket watch pocket (on right side, little pocket in pocket? yea thats what its for…) but I have a chainmail belt… I suppose attaching it to a belt loop would work too…

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If you are wearing a blazer but not a vest it is traditional to put the chain through the buttonhole where you might wear a carnation, on the inside of the lapel, and have the watch in your handkerchief pocket. Presumably this is the same for a two piece suit.

Hey, this is 1999! Even when wearing a suit, you wear the chain from an ear, to your eyebrow, to your nose, to your other ear, and keep the watch in the upper arm pocket you added especially, in plum red.

Sure, you’ll look just like all the other bozos, but rest assured you’ll feel like you belong to society’s higher echelon at last!

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Check your pants. Some have a small pocket next to the hip pocket. Put the watch in there and hang the chain either out of the pocket or from a belt loop.