Pointless restroom story

Don’t the signs say “look right then left?”

I could be smoking crack, but I thought those signs were for the benefit of dumb tourists who’d get creamed by an oncoming lorry if they looked left first, as would be natural in the States.

Am I correct?


My wife has a similar problem. She calls it a “shy bladder”. She is not able to go if people are waiting for her. Even if they are not waiting for the bathroom to open up, it still happens. She could be filled to the brim and if someone is waiting for her to go, she just can’t do it.

I’ve never understood stage-fright, usually I try to avoid going until the last minute anyway, so nothing short of an industrial-strength going to stop that stream from flowing. The only time I even notice what I’m doing is when theres a long line . Sometimes I start to go, then there’s a general resetleing of the the gut area, and the pressure changes, making me realize that I didn’t really have to go in the first place, but I feel so guilty about taking a place in line, that I just stand there squeezing for any little amount with which to make some noise, so that the guy next to me doesn’t think I’m wasting everybodie’s time.

Enderw23 you crack me up! Thanx for the instructions… I ll print it and sneak into the men toilet - hang it on the wall and leave whistling… tehehe

Ogre… you are so right LOL
I guess my “let s kill some tourists” mentallity came through…
actually I would be the first tourist to be killed…
this summer I was cycling in England totally mashed…
I was singing “left side… left side” all the time and still had the feeling to be on the wrong one…
It will be a disaster when I move…
god help the poor pedestrians…

I’ve just been visiting the SDMB for a couple of months, and I’m amazed at the number of bathroom-related threads that have been begun - even started one myself. I thought this was a high-class joint, yet here we are sharing our pee stories…

I know there was a point to be made somewhere in there, but I forgot where I was going…

So, fold or scrunch??

I am uncertain as to what the big deal is. Everyone poops. It’s a part of being alive. Those people in the bathroom with you whom you do not want to poop in front of, they poop too. What are y’all afraid of? Is the thought process like “Oh my God!! They’ll know that I POOP!! How shameful!” Like, not to say that I invite all my friends over to watch me poop, but if I have to poop, I don’t wait until the bathroom is totally empty.

I’m not sure if I said “poop” enough in this post. Poop poop poop. That ought to do it.

Fold… definitely fold. It forms a much more protective barrier. With the scrunch method you never can tell when a renegade finger might slip through enemy lines and give you a horribe case of stinky palm. God I hate when that happens. :wink:



…despite the aforementioned risks involved.

<Raising my hand> I can’t believe I’m actually responding to this.

I cannot go the bathroom (#2) ANYWHERE but my own bathroom, which makes my vacations miserable by about day three. I have two friends who are exactly the same way and I recently went on vacation with one of them. As we were on the interstate coming home, we saw the roadway sign “Lakeland - 19 Miles,” both of our intenstines started grumbling at the same time and the race was on.

I don’t remember having this problem as a child or as a teenager so its something that has developed in my adult years, but why, I don’t know.

Hey, I’m back.
No I wasn’t really in there 5 hours!

One word… “Ahhhhhhh”