Pointless Song or is there meaning in it?

I’ve got a question I’ve been seeking an answer for on the web, and can’t seem to find it, so of course I turned to the straight dope, because of the endless wealth of knoweledge it holds. Okay on to my question. There is a band from about oh… 3 year ago or so called Seven Mary Three (7M3), they sang a song called “Devil Boy”. I’m trying to figure out what it means. if you want to read the lyrics, go to this webpage, and click on Devil Boy. http://www.rockpark.com/7m3_as/7m3_lyr.htm thanx for any info…


It sounds like a typical rock song where every line appears to make sense in itself, but there’s no coherent theme tying them together. :wink:

Seriously, sounds like a rant against the church and god.

First paragraph is that he skipped church and his priest got in his face about it.

The second appears to be a bunch of different Catholic orders doing their own approaches to confronting him. But I don’t understand them. (Any Catholics to interpret?)

The third paragraph starts as a waiting for his ex-girlfriend to come back to him, but then looks like it becomes an address to god.

Don’t get the fourth stanza (or is that the chorus?).

The last block appears to mix references to waiting for Jesus’s return to waiting for his ex-girlfriend’s return. 2000 years and giving up eternity.

It seems pretty clear that it’s an expression of general disbelief in god and Catholicism specifically.

Interesting lyrics; I’ll have to give Seven Mary 3 a listen.

Total shit.

Not to mention the fact that he obviously has no idea what a Jesuit actually is. Into the pit with Alannis he goes!