Political Leanings of Cartoon Characters

This is pretty silly, but that’s never stopped me before:

Political Leanings of Cartoon Characters

Now, how do they come up with the idea that Mickey Mouse is a John Bircher?

It’s because he always wears gloves.

You mean like the guy who does BC and his anti Arab/moslem leanings?

I knew Fred Flintstone would be a Republican. Some of these do make sense to me, like Porky as a new dealer. Betty Boop was clearly a flapper-type you’d think they’d have mentioned that, but I still like the story. What I want to know is how Krazy Kat would’ve voted.

Lex Luthor was elected to the Presidency at the same time as Bush.
Therefore, Luthor is a Republican.

And, by Cartoon Logic, the Defender of Truth, Justice, and the American Way, is a Democrat.

Obviously. :wink: :smiley:

I’d love to know how Marge Simpson votes.

It’s not “IRL,” but we know Monty Burns is a Republican, and she voted against him (and for Mary Bailey).

What, no Doonesbury mentions?

Hmm. I would peg Marge as a very moderate Democrat. I don’t know if I can see her voting Republican exactly, but she doesn’t seem like a strident liberal. I’m sure she favors plenty of social programs, but she’s likely big on fiscal responsibility, is probably okay with faith-based stuff… essentially she’s the kind of middle-of-the-road “soccer Mom” both parties have tried to court. I imagine she’d be most comfortable with someone like Clinton, because he’s charming, or Dukakis, because he’s dull. Homer once read a Ross Perot pamphlet and seemed intrigued, but on the rare occasions he bothers to vote, he probably tries to write in Jesse Ventura.

They both support “Diamond Joe” Quimby, I’m sure.

That’s another point…what’s Quimby’s affiliation???

Obviously- he IS an illegal alien, after all, and illegal aliens always vote for Democrats!

I gotta think Opus digs Nader.

As shown in “Sideshow Bob Roberts” (and probably elsewhere), Quimby’s a registered Democrat, but (like many a political boss of both parties) more interested in personal power and enrichment than ideology.

Probably the same place they came up with his haivng a stroke…