Pick a fictional character and tell us how they vote.

Does *Law & Order’*s Jack McCoy vote Republican or Democrat? What about Clarice Starling? Kinsey Milhone?

Does Bruce Wayne contribute money to any SuperPacs, and if so which ones? How about Boris from Scrubs? Is Clark Kent even registered to vote?

Answer any of the above, or pick your own!

Well, given that most writers for television are liberals, I would say it’s a good bet that the characters those writers consider “good guys” would vote Democrat, unless the protagonist is a “curmudgeon.”
The same is probably true for most mainstream comic book heroes…hell, comic book writers are usually more blatant about it than TV writers.
With books, there’s more of a chance for them to be Republicans, depending on the author. Most of Tom Clancy’s, Vince Flynn’s and Brad Thor’s protagonists are going to vote Republican. Jack Reacher, if he bothered to vote, would probably vote Democrat.

Damn, posted before I was finished.
Now movies, that’s more complicated.
I’d think John McClain would vote Republican, maybe Harry Callahan as well.
The Dude from The Big Lebowski would vote for Ron Paul, if he could remember to register to vote…but of course, he couldn’t remember.
I think Indiana Jones would have voted Democrat, because he was there for FDR’s administration and had a bad experience with Eisenhower…

Edmond Dantes while not guilty of the crimes he was imprisoned for probably had Bonapartist leanings.

Marge Simpson seems to be a centrist gradually making the transition to social liberalism.

Waylon Smithers is a Log Cabin Republican.

Spock - logically.

Maybe so, maybe no. Opinions may vary on whether Jethro Gibbs is a curmudgeon, but he’s probably a Republican. (Sort of; I suspect he would have skipped the last three presidential elections, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he felt that the party left him rather than the reverse.)

I suspect Indy would be in the doesn’t vote category. John McClane, like Gibbs, would be an ex-Republican by this point; he wouldn’t have been able to stomach Bush Jr.

If Spock found himself trapped in 2012 America, he wouldn’t vote, as his primary concern would be getting the fuck out as quickly as possible.


Sorry, I was distracted by work. I meant Boris, the fabulously wealthy and mysterious chap from *Royal Pains.

*As for Scrubs, I feel confident in saying that no one who works at Sacred Heart should be allowed to vote.

Daniel Plainview would vote Republican…probably buy a dozen as well.

There was an episode in the sixth season where the characters bickered along partisan lines. Elliot and Laverne were Republican, while Dr. Cox and Turk were Democrats. I don’t remember what the other characters were, though I imagine Kelso and Jordan are Republican and Carla is a Democrat. I can’t imagine JD, Todd, or the Janitor bothering to vote, and I don’t know about Ted.

I remember that. I wasn’t saying that they don’t vote (though JD clearly doesn’t); just that the entire staff, with the possible exception of Laverne & Carla, was too touched to be trusted with the franchise.

Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg (Fifth Element) disdains to vote in conventional elections. But secretly, late at night, he texts votes to American Idol.

I understood your point. I was just giving out the info since Scrubs had already been mentioned.

One exception would be Iron Man who would definitely vote Republican.

That was my first thought, but I’m not really sure. Stark goes back and forth on how much he trusts the government to wage war, for instance. Witness his stopping of non-superhero munitions.

Green party.

I figured that was the Boris you meant. I’m fairly confident he wouldn’t waste time voting. After all, he has so many other more effective ways to influence the world.

I agree that he wouldn’t take the time to vote; that’s why I suggested the super-pac option.

I’m not sure about Bruce Wayne. On the one hand, Batman’s an asshole who thinks his mission is all that happens. On the other hand, he sees his mission as making Gotham City better in general, and he might see publicly voting (as Bruce Wayne) as setting a good example.

Highly doubtful. John McClane is one of those characters that is by now a lot of Bruce Willis, and Willis most certainly would have voted for George W. Bush. You’re letting your personal opinions color that of characters.

Not at all. I think McClane would have supported invading Afghanistan, and probably invading Iraq too. He’d have been against conducting the wars in a half-ass way and would have felt Bush’s strategy was just that. I think he’d have voted Bush in 2000 but sat out 2004; he’d have felt Bush did not deserve a second term but would not have been able to stomach Kerry.